VPN Clientless Instructions

A Clientless VPN connection will allow access to Discoverer and your department share.

To connect to CCRI's SSL WebVPN, open up a web browser, type in https://ccriconnect.ccri.edu and hit the Enterkey.

You will receive a website security certificate message. Click Continue to this website (not recommended).

image of problem with website security certificate

This will bring you to a Login screen. Select your CCRI department in the GROUP drop-down list (click on the down arrow to locate your group and click on the group name to select it), enter you domain username, ascampus\username, and password and click the Login button.

image of Login screen

Another dialog box will appear.  Click Continue

image of the VPN Tunnel screen

This will bring you to CCRI's WebVPN Service home page.

You now have the option to connect to your department share or the Discoverer program.

image of VPN Service home page

Instructions to modify a file on the share

  • to access your Department share drive, click on the Department Share link
  • single click on the your share folder to get to your file
  • to access the file, click on the filename
  • your will be prompted to either Open or Save the file
  • to view the file, click Open
  • to modify the file, click on Save file and save it to your local hard drive
  • click OK
  • open the saved file
  • edit the file and then save it back to your local hard drive
  • go back to your browser and to return to the CCRI Web VPN Service
  • you will need to upload the file back to the share drive by clicking on the Upload file icon

image of upload file icon

  • if you are asked if you want to replace the original file, say "yes" to replace the original file

*Please note that you may not be prompted to replace the original file.  It will automatically save the file.

To access Discoverer, click on the Discoverer Login under Web Bookmarks. You will then be prompted to enter your username, password, and database, click Go.

image of Discoverer login screen

To end your Discoverer session, click on Exit in the upper right hand corner. and then click on the Home icon also in the upper right hand corner to return the CCRI's Web VPN Service.

image of the Discoverer Exit screen

To return to CCRI’s WebVPN Service home page after exiting Discoverer click on the Home icon in the upper right hand corner.

image of the Discoverer Home icon

To end the VPN session, click on Logout in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

image of VPN logout screen

You can bookmark this web page for easy access but you can only access this page from off-campus.

This page developed and maintained by Network & Telecommunications. Send comments and suggestions to tpalmer@ccri.edu .

Last Updated: 8/24/16