Lab Support Procedures

for Staff Assistants

Opening the Labs

Arrive on Time

If you are scheduled to be in the lab any day Monday - Friday, you should arrive at least 10 minutes before the hour. In the morning this means 7:20 a.m. to ensure that any 7:30 am students will be able to enter the lab and get started by our scheduled opening time

If you are late getting to work or need to call out please try to find a replacement to take some or all of your shift and leave a message on the Director of User Support's telephone. Include how much time you missed or are going to miss and whether or not you found someone to take over for you. The Director’s telephone number is 825-1160.

If the Student Assistant doesn’t come in, perform their opening routine.

Perform duties/projects requested by the Lab Manager.

Daily Responsibilities and Activities

Following are you duties that need to be performed. If the student assistant is absent make sure their duties are covered.

  • BE ACCESSIBLE, be courteous and helpful, and display a positive attitude at all times. Your job is to make sure our users (mostly students) have their questions answered.
  • Answer the LAB TELEPHONE in the following fashion: "Hello, (lab name) Lab, this is (your name), How may I help you?"
  • ORIENT users who are NEW to the lab. LEARN the software installed in your lab.
  • Web documentation at the IT site should also be studied during down times to enhance your knowledge.
  • Refer to the LAB MANUALS and web DOCUMENTATION when you can not answer user questions. Refer QUESTIONS or PROBLEMS that you can not answer to the Help Desk. (Lab manuals and documentation may NOT be taken out of the lab.)
  • Do NOT do user's homework for them. Do not touch the user’s mouse or keyboard without their permission. Before giving any advice encourage the user to save their work or send it to their email account.
  • Items left by users should be placed behind your desk. Call security to pick up wallets and/or purses.
  • If the lab is full and others are waiting, it is your right and responsibility to ask all those using computers for non-academic purposes to relinquish the computer to those for academic purposes.
  • The SECURITY of the lab, its hardware, and its software is also your responsibility. Even when you are away from your desk, keep an EYE on the door and general activity in the room. Your alertness will prevent personal belongings, expensive equipment, and documentation from walking.
  • If you must leave the room, inform your student assistant of where you are going and leave a telephone number, if applicable.
  • Perform DUTIES/PROJECTS requested by your Lab Manager.

Hardware problems

  • PC’s and printers in the lab are under warranty.
  • Report EQUIPMENT MALFUNCTIONS to the Lab Manager or the Help Desk.


If you notice a "Toner Low" reading on a printer you need to have an extra cartridge readily available. If none are in the lab contact the Lab Manager.

Cleaning the Labs

The RESPONSIBILITY for keeping the labs clean falls to EACH OF THE STUDENT ASSISTANTS. This includes keeping the student assistants' area and the users’ areas neat. Each student assistant should be sure to straighten up their area before leaving at the end of their shift. (Manuals should be returned to the shelves/cabinets, stray papers thrown away, chairs and keyboards and mice straightened.) The routine chores will be shared.

All lab mice and keyboards should be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner. A spray bottle of a special cleaner is located in each lab and should be used at least once a week. Presently, we have designated Saturday as the day to apply this. The cleaner should be applied to a piece of paper towel then wiped over the keyboard and mouse surfaces. The cleaner should never be applied directly to the surface of the keyboard or mouse.

Lab Supplies

The lab should be equipped with necessary supplies such as printer paper, toner cartridges, pens, pencils, scotch tape, staplers, staples, etc. Notify the Lab Manager if any supply is low.

Closing Procedures

  • Try to close the lab on time.
  • Official closing time is on the hour.
  • Twenty (20) minutes before closing, warn the users in the lab. Verbally announce that the lab will be closing in 20 minutes.
  • Repeat this at 10 minutes before the hour and again 5 minutes before the hour (if necessary). If anyone wants to print anything they should send it NOW. Give them a few minutes to do so.
  • Make sure all borrowed materials are returned by the borrowers and placed back in the appropriate place of storage.
  • Clear the room.
  • Turn off all computers and monitors. Make sure that no CD's or DVD's are left in the drives. Eject disks that are left behind and place in a safe place.
  • Put articles left in the lab in a safe place or if they are CDs or jump drives put them in the desk. In the event a wallet or purse is left behind, call Security to pick up the item.
  • Make sure your Student Assistants refill the printers with paper.
  • Return all manuals to the cabinet and headphones to the drawer.
  • Leave the room neat.
  • BE CERTAIN the front door(s) is/are LOCKED and CLOSED when leaving.

Last Updated: 11/7/16