Setup a Virus Scan

Sophos can be configured to run malware scans on specific drives or directories at a specified day and time.

Setup a new scan
Instructions and Screenshots

Step 1

Open Sophos by right clicking on the blue shield in the system tray

image of the Sophos icon

Step 2

In the Sophos Anti-Virus main window, click Set up a new scan.

image of Set up a new scan

Step 3

In the Scan name: enter a name for the scan

image of naming a scan

Step 4

In the Items to scan: check the box for the hard drives you want scanned. Click Schedule this scan

image of selecting drive to scan

Step 5

Click in the box in front of Enable Schedule. Select a day and time to run the scan then click the Add button. Enter your campus domain username and password and then click ok

image of selecting time and day of scan

Step 6

Click the Save button to save the scheduled scan

image of saving the scheduled scan

Step 7

The new scan will be listed under "Available scan" in the Sophos Anti-Virus main window
image of Available scan

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Last Updated: 12/21/16