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Office 2007 coming this Summer 2009!

The deployment phase of Microsoft Office 2007 is now under way at CCRI. All College computers will be upgraded to MS Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 7 during the Summer 2009 semester. What’s so different?

image of Office 2007 ribbon

Microsoft has completely re-engineered their user interface, replacing menus and toolbars with “ribbons” and “tabs”, which bring you buttons in groups as you need them. You will discover that the new version will provide much the same functionality, but you’ll find that functionality in different places in different ways. And there are some exciting new functionalities in each program of the software suite. See Microsoft’s Getting Started webpage to explore these new features, designed to enhance your productivity and “wow” your audience.

Outlook Exchange 2007 - implementation August 26, 2009

For more information, please visit the New Communications Package page.

One of Department of Information Technology's most important goals this year is to migrate from our current e-mail system iPlanet to Microsoft Outlook Exchange 2007.

The current e-mail system (iPlanet) does not possess the level of functionality required to meet the College’s need including integrated calendaring, meeting coordination, full featured web access and better security through encryption. Exchange provides robust solution for these services.

Faculty/staff e-mail moves will begin shortly and storage space will increase from 20 MB to 1 GB. In addition, OWA (Outlook Web Access) accessed via the web at ( will have a new user interface and features.

What do I need to do to prepare for the upgrade?

  1. Download Office 2007 or Download Outlook 2007 (the download can take anywhere from .5 to 1.5 hours depending on your computer)
  2. Steps for Outlook Users: (Note: you will need to use Internet Explorer as your browser)
    1. Clean-up (Archive) your old e-mail Important: you must complete this step first
    2. Export the .PST file
    3. Create the Profile
    4. Import the .PST file
  3. Steps for Pipeline Users:
    1. Export/Import the Pipeline iCal file (if current Pipeline calendar user)
    2. Export/Import the Pipeline Address Book csv file (if current Pipeline email user)
    3. Export Pipeline e-mail into Outlook Exchange 2007 «NEW as of 9/17/09

What training is available?

The following training options are provided for all employees:

Online Tutorials:

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After You Upgrade:

  • Instant Search in Outlook: You may see references to enabling a feature called Instant Search. We have tested this and found it to considerably slow system performance and negatively impact your Outlook experience. This is a feature that is built into Vista but just an option in Windows XP. We recommend that you ignore this message.
  • Compatibility Mode: Since many other students, faculty and staff will not upgrade to Office 2007 for a considerable time, we recommend that you save your documents with the “Word 97-2003” format. To set this feature to automatically save documents in the older format, click on the Office button, select Options at the bottom, select Save, and “Save files in this format:” and choose Word 97-2003 Document (.doc).
  • New functionalities: Keep in mind that some of the new features (eg, Equation Editor, SmartArt) can only be used if you save a document in the new format. When you first open existing documents which have been saved in previous formats, the words [Compatibility Mode] will display after the document name in the header. In order to enable new features, you will need to “Save as” the new format (.docx, .pptx, etc).
  • Two New Fonts: Microsoft has deployed two new fonts as default in MS Word and Outlook: Calibri and Cambria.

If you need assistance with Office 2007, please contact the Service Desk at 825.1112.

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