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Blackboard FAQs

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the name of a software program that CCRI uses for online instruction and communication. Students can access course materials their professors make available and may participate in class discussions online.

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How do I log in to Blackboard?

Go to and log in using your CCRI username and password. If your CCRI email address is, your username is smith123. Do not enter the entire email address in the username field.

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What web browser should I log in with?

View our chart that lists the browsers that are compatible with Blackboard

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I can't see my courses from last semester.

Students do not have access to their courses once the semester has ended. If you have received an Incomplete, or require additional materials from the course, please contact your instructor for more information

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When using Internet Explorer 8, why am I getting a "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" error?

When you first login to Blackboard, you will likely see a security popup that says, "Do you want to view only the content that was delivered securely?" Be sure to click "No" in order to ensure that you are able to view all course materials while in the Blackboard system

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I am having trouble accessing Blackboard. Who do I contact?

Please contact the Blackboard Support Center at (401) 401.825.1113 during the following hours:

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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My Blackboard menu disappeared!

If you cannot see your course menu, it may be hidden. Look at the far left of the Blackboard window. If you see a symbol that looks like a right-facing arrow or a greater-than sign ( > ), click on it. The course menu will re-appear and the symbol will look like a left-facing arrow or a less-than sign ( < ). If you would like to hide the course menu again, click it.

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How can I make sure my computer is ready for Blackboard?

Run the Browser Check.

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When I log in to Blackboard why don't I see my course listed?

The instructor may not have opened up the course to students yet. Most instructors will open their courses on the first day of class or a few days before.

Check with your instructor to see if Blackboard will be used in the course. If they are not using it, the course will not be listed when you login.

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Can I access Blackboard on my smart phone?

It depends on your service provider. Check the provider's app store to see if a Blackboard app is available. You can also access Blackboard by using your phone's Internet browser.

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How do I submit an assignment to Blackboard?

Go to the area of the course where the assignment is listed. Click on the name of the assignment. Follow the submission instructions provided by your instructor.

Please watch the Video tutorial called "Submitting your Assignment."

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Why am I getting an HTTP 404 error message when trying to attach a file to an assignment?

Be sure the file name doesn't contain spaces or special characters, such as # or /. Also keep the file name short. If it still doesn't attach, you may need to use a different browser in order to attach the file.

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Why can I not find my assignment on Blackboard?

If the due date has passed, your instructor may have closed the assignment. Refer to the instructor's policy on assignment submissions.

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How do I take a test in Blackboard?

Please watch the video tutorial called "Taking a test in Blackboard."

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What can I do to avoid getting kicked out of a test?

Visit "Tips for Taking Tests in Blackboard" for more information.

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When I attempt to take a quiz, I receive a message that the quiz has already been taken.

If you accidentally double-click on the quiz, it will open and be submitted instantly. If you are allowed only one attempt, you will not be able to open it again. Contact the instructor to see if the quiz can be reset. To prevent this problem, always make sure you click the "Begin" button only once. It may take a little time for the test to load, so be patient.

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I'm trying to take one of the quizzes in my class, but the quiz screen is blank. What is going on?

This problem is usually caused by a "Popup Blocker." If your instructor has created the quiz so that it pops up in a new window and you have a popup blocker installed it may permit the quiz window to open, but the window will be blank. Try disabling your popup blocker.

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How do I post to the Discussion Board?

Please watch the video tutorial called "Posting to the discussion board."

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Why can't I add a thread to the discussion board?

Your instructor may have set up the discussion board so you cannot add new threads.

If the "Add Thread" button is grayed out, then reply to an existing thread instead,

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Why doesn't anyone see my discussion board post? I'm sure I saved it.

When you click "Save" it saves a draft of your post that only you can see. Click "Submit" when you are ready to make the post visible to everyone.

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Where do I go to see my grades?

If your instructor is using the Blackboard grade tool, you may find a "My Grades" button on the course menu or under Tools > My Grades.

Please watch the video tutorial called "Seeing my grades."

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Where can I find Blackboard help tutorials?

Please watch the Blackboard On-Demand video tutorials

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How do I get help for Blackboard?

If you are having trouble using Blackboard, please browse through the rest of this site or visit Blackboard Documentation for Students or Many common questions and problems are addressed within.

If you need further assistance, call or visit the Blackboard Support Center located in room 2118 at the Knight Campus in Warwick, (401) 825-1113. You may also leave voicemail. Please be sure to include your name, telephone number and a detailed description of your incident or request.

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Will all of my CCRI courses use Blackboard?

Possibly. Blackboard is an optional tool available to instructors; some use it, others do not. If you are unsure whether your course is supposed to be on Blackboard, contact the course instructor. They can verify if the course is supposed to accessible through Blackboard.

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Why can I not see my course when my professor says their course is on Blackboard?

There are a number of reasons a course might not show up on your course listing:

  • If you register for a course during open registration or after classes have begun, it can take up to 24 hours after you register before your course appears on your Blackboard course listing.
  • The professor might still have the course set to be unavailable to students.
  • You may have been dropped from the course due to a hold on your account.

If you believe that a course is supposed to be on Blackboard, but you cannot see it, please contact the instructor of the course to attempt to resolve the situation. Blackboard support is unable to grant student requests to be added into any course or for courses to be made available. All requests concerning these matters must come from the instructor of the course.

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I am getting disconnected from exams, what can I do?

Blackboard requires that your internet connection to the server be stable and uninterrupted during the course of an exam. Even a brief disconnection between your computer and the Blackboard server can cause Blackboard to lock you out of your exam. While we cannot completely prevent this from happening, we do offer a list of best practices that we highly suggest you consider to minimize your chance of getting locked out of a Blackboard exam.

Best practices during exams:
  • Use a wired connection to the internet. Wireless connections can be very unstable, and even a brief loss of connectivity can lock you out of your exam.
  • Close all open programs before taking an exam. Open programs may interfere with your connection to Blackboard, resulting in a lockout.
  • Close all background programs that connect to the internet. Programs running in the background that connect to the internet, such as Limewire, iTunes, etc... may cause your secure connection to Blackboard to be lost, resulting in a lockout.
  • If you are on a home network that others are using, try taking your exam at a time when your network is being lightly used by others. If some other computer, video game console, or consumer electronics product with wireless capabilities is heavily utilizing the network, then you may lose your connection to Blackboard, resulting in a lockout.

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How can I learn how Blackboard works?

Resources available to students for learning Blackboard:

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How can I access course materials on Blackboard?

View the "Student Login Instructions" page for more information.

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Do I need any special software to use Blackboard?

Possibly. You will need a connection to the Internet (broadband speed connection recommended), a supported web browser and Java. The latest version of Java is required to run many of the features in Blackboard, and may not already be loaded on your computer. To get the latest version of Java, please go to and click the "Free Java Download" button.

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Can I access my online course material from any computer?

Any computer that has a Blackboard supported web browser, Java, and is connected to the Internet can access CCRI Blackboard. Some browsers are incompatible with Blackboard and might cause undesired effects or produce errors when working with the Blackboard system. Web browsers such as Google Chrome (current release), Firefox 3.5 or later, and Internet Explorer 8.0 or later are recommended due to these compatibility issues. Click here for a list of Blackboard compatible browsers.

If you are working on a public computer such as in a lab, make certain you click the "LOG OUT" button in Blackboard and close your web browser completely when finished.

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Where can I access email sent to me through Blackboard?

All Blackboard email is sent to your CCRI email account. This cannot be changed. If you would like to forward your email from your CCRI account to another email account, you can do so through MyCCRI.

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Can I change/update my personal information in Blackboard?

No. Your personal information in Blackboard is based on the information you provide to the College.

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Can I get my final grades from Blackboard?

While your professor may choose to use the optional online gradebook feature in Blackboard, your final grade, as recognized by the College, will be reported through MyCCRI. So, it is advisable to use MyCCRI as the source of this information.

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I've saved a thread for a discussion board, how do I retrieve it?

After saving a thread, you can retrieve the thread by going into the forum, choosing "Show All" from the "Display" drop-down menu and clicking the "Go" button. The thread(s) you saved will then be listed along with the other postings in the Discussion Board. The saved files can be identified by the "draft" tag next to the thread name. Click on the link for the saved thread to access it. Once you've accessed the saved thread, click on the "Modify" button to publish or modify and publish the posting, or click "Remove" to delete it.

Please be aware that once you've saved a thread, you can only publish, modify and publish or remove the thread. You cannot modify and save (without publishing) the thread again.

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I do not have my user information for Blackboard. Where, and when will I get it?

Please visit the Knight Username lookup page located online through the How to Look-up your username link.

At the ID Number prompt please enter either your CCRI ID or your Social Security number. Enter your date of birth in the format of mmddyyyy in the space provided. Press the Look Up button to process your inquiry. If you make a mistake, please click the Clear button and start over. Your Knight username, CCRI email address and CCRI ID number and will be returned. The default password is the first 3 letters of the username (first letter Capitalized) followed by underscore(_) and the last 4 numbers of the CCRI ID number (Jdo_1234). Use your Knight user name and default password to login to MyCCRI,

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Can I reset my Blackboard password?


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Can I change my e-mail address in Blackboard?

No. All e-mail communication in Blackboard is sent to your CCRI e-mail account.

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I tried to add some documents to Blackboard and my browser restarted each time. Why did this happen?

You might need to update your computer's Java.

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