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Protect yourself from phishing scams

phishing scamCCRI's Department of Information Technology warns the CCRI community to be wary of targeted phishing scams, including this recent message that has been received by some members of the community: “Your Mailbox Has Exceeded The Storage Limit Set By The Administrator CLICK Here to Re-Validate Your E-mail Account To Enable Us Upgrade Your Account.” E-mail messages like this one attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information by disguising themselves as an authoritative CCRI department. If you have responded to this message or clicked on the link it provided, please contact the Help Desk immediately at 825-1112.

IT reminds the CCRI community to never give out your password via e-mail. Beware of e-mails and Web sites that:

  • Ask you to provide personally identifiable information such as your CCRI username, password, mother's maiden name and Social Security number.
  • Warn that your account will be shut down unless you confirm your user name, password or other personal information.
  • Fail to address you by your name using a generic "Dear Webmail User" or use your e-mail address in the salutation.
  • Warn that you have been the victim of fraud.
  • Have spelling or grammatical errors.

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