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Linking Streaming Media

Writing your streaming link is the final step in bringing multimedia (video or audio) to your audience.

Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

With your web page open in FrontPage you will need to select the text that you wish to hyperlink. With your mouse, simply click in front of the text you wish to link to, hold the mouse button down and drag over the text.

Once the text has been selected, click the right mouse button and select Hyperlink or Hyperlink Properties. This will open the Edit Hyperlink box.

Picture - screen shot of selecting text to hyperlink
Step 2

In the address box type your media link starting with mms://streaml/

Next type the folder name, in this case Tutorials/ followed by a slash (note that the folder name is usually your username).

Type the full filename with file extension, in this case Enroll_Online.wmv

  • .wmv is the file extension for a Windows Media video file
  • .wma is the extension for a Windows Media audio file.

Click OK.

Picture - screenshot of Edit Hyperlink box
Step 3

Save your work and preview your page in an Internet browser.

Click on your streaming link to test. Your video or audio file should buffer for a few seconds before it opens and plays in Windows Media Player.

If it does not, check your link in FrontPage or whatever web authoring program you are using.

Picture - screenshot of streaming link and Windows Media Player
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Last Updated: 3/15/16