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How to use Print Now

Download the App from the App store

This guide proceeds using the Apple iPhone for demonstration purposes. The PrinterOn App is available for other mobile platforms as well. This is a free app.

Here is the PrinterOn App as pictured in the App Store on the Apple iPhone.

image of the PrinterOn app

Service Set Up

Go to Settings

image of the Settings button

Choose Services to proceed with configuration

image of Choose Servces option

You will have to click the + icon at the bottom to add the new Service
image of the "+" icon to add the new Service

Enter for the server name.  Enter CCRI for the Description.  Slide the default service to make this the default.  It will turn green when you do this

Press the Test Service button

image of the Service Setup screen

You should see the Success dialog box come up. Click OK on the dialog box. If not, check spelling and try again by pressing Test Service.

image of the Success dialog box

Click the checkmark on the top right

image of selecting the Checkmark

Hit the arrow at the top left to go back

image of clicking the Arrow

User Account Set Up

Go to User Accounts

image of selecting User Accounts

There will be an empty user account screen. Click the + to add an account.

image of clicking the "+" to add an account

Enter your domain account and password. Enter CCRI for the description. Slide the CCRI lever so that it is the default user for the CCRI service that was configured previously. It will turn green when you do this.

image of User Account Setup

Click the checkmark on the top right

image of clicking the checkmark

Click the arrow on the top left to go back to the service menu

image fo the Service Setup back button

Click the X to get out of settings

image of xing out of Settings

Printer Set Up

At the bottom of the PrinterOn Main Menu, there should be a no printer selected box at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button.

 image of No Printer Selected

You will now be at a blank screen. At the bottom, there is a search icon. Click on this button.

image of the search icon

If you see an LDAP error pop up, you have entered a bad user name and or password. Go back to the user accounts and reenter this information.

image of the LDAP error

In the search box, enter Warwick. The search should return the 1 printer for CCRI. This is not actually a specific printer, but a print service that is hosted by the Equitrac Printing System. Choose this printer.

image of select priner

The app is now set up and is ready for printing

Example of  Print Session

On the PrinterOn main menu. To print a sample document.  The documents would normally be hosted on a cloud storage service such as Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.  This assumes that you have configured some cloud storage already.  This example will print a document stored on OneDrive.

From the PrinterOn main menu, choose documents, and then choose your source.  In this example, we choose OneDrive.

 chooseing document to print

This will link you to that service.  You may be required to login to that system at this point.  You will be presented with files and folders stored on your cloud storage service.  Your Experience at this point will vary.  Choose the document that you wish to print.

 image of OneDrive files

Next, you are taken back to the PrinterOn App. The preview of the document may or may not be available. Press the Green Print button.

image of a preview of the document

The document is sent to print and you get a notification stating this (Job Started). You will also get a notification that the Equitrac System has received your print job and it is ready for you to release (Job Success).

 image of the PrinterOn Job Success screen

Please keep in mind that the Equitrac Service at CCRI will keep your documents for 72 hours and it will then be discarded.  To physically print the document, visit any CCRI Library or Academic Computer Lab.  You will login to a printer using your Banner ID code and you will release the print job.  Lab and Library assistants can help you with this step if needed.

The print history can show you any documents that you have sent from your device.

 image of documents in Print History

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Last Updated: 3/15/16