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How to Manage Student File Submissions in MyCCRI

Although students have the capability to add files to their course space in MyCCRI, the files are not visible on the course page until the faculty member activates them.

Managing student file submissions in MyCCRI:
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the My Courses tab.

Screen shot image of MyCCRI pages tabs
Step 2

Select a term and course from the Course Schedule.

Screen shot image of Course Schedule and Courses page
Step 3

Scroll down to the Content Tools. Click on Manage Files.

graphic of the content tools menu with the manage files option highlighted
Step 4

If a student has submitted a file, you will see a red link noting the requests for a new file.

Click on that link to see the submitted files.

graphic depicting a file submission request link
Step 5

To view the file click on the link.

To activate the file, click in the white box next to the file and click on the Activate button.

When you have finished reviewing the files and activating or deleting them, click on the Done button.

Note that any file you do not choose to activate will remain in the course but will not be viewable to students.

graphic depicting submitted files
Step 6

A dialogue box will come up confirming that the file status has been updated. Click on the OK button.

graphic showing the updated files confirmation box
Step 7

You will now see the file (s) listed under the Folders section of your course.

graphic of a file listed in a course folder
To move a student file into a different folder:
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

If you want to move a student file into a specific folder, you must first create the folder.

Step 2

Once the folder is created, you would click on the red Edit button next to the file.

graphic of the Edit button on a file
Step 3

Click on the down-pointing arrow next to the Folder: option to see your folders. Click on the folder that you wish to move the file to.

Click on the Update button.

graphic of a folder selection
Step 4

You should now see the file appearing in the selected folder list.

graphic of a file listed in a folder
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Last Updated: 3/15/16