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Sending E-Mail to a Course Member

MyCCRI makes it easy to send an e-mail message to your instructor, a fellow student or all students in any course.

How to Send E-Mail to a Course Member:
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

Log in to your MyCCRI account and click on the myCourseTools tab. Then click on the link to the course you wish to work in. Each course has its own set of Course Tools.

Information Technology
Step 2

Click on the green E-mail link under Course Tools.

Information Technology
Step 3

Click next to the name of the person you wish to send e-mail too. (Remember that you will only see the members of your class in this list.) A checkmark will appear in the box.

Tip : If you wish to send the same message to more than one student, you may click next to multiple student names. If you click on the Select All option, your message will go to all students in the course.

Once you have selected the recipients of the mail, click on the grey Send E-mail button.

sample course participants' list
Step 4

Due to privacy concerns, you will not see the actual e-mail address(es) of the student(s) in the To: field because they are hidden. However the message will be sent to the students you selected.

Type in your message in the Message window.

Sample course email compose screen
Step 5

Click on the grey Send button at the bottom right of the window to send your message.

The message will be delivered to your fellow student(s) in their MyCCRI mail accounts.

course e-mail Send button
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Last Updated: 3/31/16