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My Courses

I am a faculty member, why isn’t one of my courses listed in MyCCRI?

Faculty assignment to courses are entered directly into Banner by academic departments. Academic department chairs update Banner to ensure that adjuncts are paid for the courses that they teach and to maintain course assignments for full-time faculty.

A faculty member who is unable to see one of their courses listed in MyCCRI should first check with their department chair or secretary to verify that Banner has been updated. Once the data has been entered into Banner, MyCCRI will be updated within several minutes. If the course assignment has been entered into Banner, the faculty member should then contact the Help Desk at x1112 to have the problem corrected.

I am a faculty member, why do I have a student who is listed in my class list but who does not appear on my course e-mail list?

Occasionally a student will register for a course before their information has been entered into MyCCRI, usually a new CCRI student. This results in their name appearing in the class list drawn dynamically from Banner but not in the course e-mail list that is drawn from MyCCRI. If this happens you should contact the Help Desk and they can correct the situation.

I am a faculty member, how can I group several sections of the same course together?

Using the new Course Consolidator tool, faculty may now group all sections of a course into a single course space. Once selected courses have been consolidated, faculty have the option of opening the grouped course and using the tools to reach all members of all sections of a course at once. Any files, links, announcements, news articles or message board entries will be populated through all the linked courses simultaneously. Faculty will still be able to access the course sections individually as well

How do I remove a student who has dropped from my course from the class email list?

  • Choose the myCourseTools tab
  • Choose the correct term and the course to go to your course home page
  • Choose Members Under Configuration Tools on the left hand column
  • Select the student and click Inactivate

I am a CCRI student and not all of my courses that I am enrolled in appear under the myCourseTools tab. How can I correct this?

You must call the Help Desk at 825-1112, or email them at and provide your CCRI student ID number and the CRN for the course. Help Desk staff will assist in correcting the problem.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16