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Using MyCCRI Message Board

The contents of a message board are divided into topics, messages, and replies. Topics initiate discussions. The faculty member (or the designated student discussion leader) would add the first message to begin the topic "thread." When class participants reply to a message their answers are grouped or threaded together so that they can be read together.

Discussions on the message board are initiated by posting topics. To post a topic, use the following procedure:

Posting a topic
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

Log in to your MyCCRI account and click on the myCourseTools tab.

Information Technology
Step 2

A list of courses that you are participating in appears. Click on the course link to post to that class message board. The course home page appears.

Note: If you do not see your current courses displayed, click on the down-pointing arrow next to Course Schedule to select the appropriate semester.

graphic of a sample "Courses I Am Teaching" screen
Step 3

Click on the green Message Board link in the Course Tools section.

graphic of the Course Tools menu with Message Board link selected
Step 4

A page appears that lists all of the topics that have been posted to the course. Click on the folder that is labeled "Post a Topic."

graphic of the Post a Topic link
Step 5

A page appears with a field labeled "Title" and a field labeled "Description." In the title field type the topic. In the description field type in a more elaborate description.

graphic of the header for the Post a Topic screen
graphic of the Post a topic sub heading
graphic of the Post a Topic form
Step 6

Locate the small icons that are positioned directly below the "Description" field. Click on the button labeled "Post". Your topic will be posted to the message board.

graphic of the Post a Topic form
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Last Updated: 3/31/16