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Touchscreen Terminology

Xoom Touchscreen Terminology
Action How to Do It
Tab Choose an on-screen icon, button, or menu option by tapping it with your finger.
Double-tap Zoom in or out of a section of the screen by tapping it twice in rapid series.
Touch and hold Touch and hold your finger against the glass often brings up a menu, lets you move an item across the screen, or selects a word.
Drag Touch something on the screen and drag your finger up, down, or sideways to move that item across the screen.
Drag, hold, and drop Touch and hold something on-screen, then slide your finger to that object's new location on-screen. Lift your finger to drop it into its new place.
Flick Similar to flicking a piece of dust off the screen, this allows you scroll quickly through menus or long lists.
Pinch Place two fingers on-screen and bring the fingers together shrinks that section of the screen, bringing more of the image into view.
Spread Place two fingers on-screen and spreading your two fingers along the glass zooms into that portion of the screen.

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