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Navigation Buttons

Xoom Navigation Buttons
Button Bottom left of screen
image of the Home button  Press this button to return to your most recently accessed Home screen.  The Xoom has five home screens.
image of the back button  Pressing the Back key takes you back to the last page
image of the recently app button  Press the Recently App button to access a list of five last accessed applications
image of the Close button  Press the Close button to close a pop-up menu or onscreen keyboard  
Button Top right of screen
Text search Allows you to type in a search term
Voice search Allows you to speak the search term
image of the Menu button  Press the MENU button to open and close that app's menus
+icon Opens the customization screen for changing widgets on the home screen
Button Bottom right of screen
Notification bar Tap to see any notifications
Quick settings Switch to airplane mode, turn Wi-Fi on/off, Lock screen orientation, Change brightness/contrast, view full settings

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