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Connecting an iPad to a TV

Connecting your iPad to a TV or Projector – How to Get the Big Picture

The composite video is called the Composite AV Cable. You’ve seen three of the connectors on one end of this cable many times. These are the standard video and two audio (left and right channel for stereo) that are common on many consumer electronics including TVs, VCRs and camcorders. These are RCA type connectors where the video is yellow and the audio are red and white. Look for inputs on your TV that match. These will often be labeled video. You’ll need to use your TV remote or onscreen menus to switch the TV input so it recognizes this connection.

The next connector is component and offers a better quality picture. These connectors are red, green and blue. You should be able to find matching inputs on your HDTV labeled component, component video, or perhaps Y (green) Pb (blue) and Pr (red). Component video carries the video portion of the signal only, not the audio. You get the sound to your TV using the standard red and white audio connections. The Apple Component AV Cable has these two audio connectors and includes a USB power supply to keep a trickle charge going to your iPad.

Connect to an HD TV

Connect the iPad 2 to your HD TB using Digital AV Adapter (which connects from your 30-pin Dock Adaptor to a HDMI port) or a VGA Adaptor (iPad 2 supports video mirroring).

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