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Home Tips

Why does the screen re-adjusts when turned in a different direction?

Depending on how you are holding the iPad the screen will automatically re-adjust itself. (vertical or horizontal)

Save time using Spotlight

Use the Spotlight search engine in place of searching through long lists in either iTunes or your Contacts. Tap the Home screen to the right to access it or press the Home button. Start typing and search results will appear grouped by what app they can be found in.

Redefine your Home button

Double-clicking takes you to the home screen by default but you can change that result by going to General then Home and reset it to Search or iPod.

Add a website to your Home screen

Instead of searching for a website in Safari’s bookmarks. Tap the "+" icon in Safari's toolbar and then tap "Add to Home Screen".

Faster Websites

Save time in Safari by typing the web address and then using the iPad's ".com" key in the keyboard. If you press and hold that .com key, you get other options like .edu or .org.

Group your icons

To make it easier for you to group your apps there are 11 different home screens. (Work, Home, video, etc.)

  • Tap and hold any icon then begin to rearrange them.
Save a web image

While in Safari, tap and hold on an image and select Save Image from the menu.

Access websites quicker
  • Hold down the .com key you get access to a menu that offers other options too.
Quick volume mute
  • Press and hold the Volume-down button
Quick scroll to the top of any page
  • Tap the title bar at the top of the screen, and you’ll scroll back up to the top
Restrict your Spotlight searches
  • Swipe left on the Home screen to reveal the Spotlight search (Default searches everything including songs in your iPod, podcasts, apps and events)
Easy Mute
  • Holding down the volume down button for about two seconds will mute your iPad.

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Last Updated: 1/8/15