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Formatting Tips

Where is the copy/ paste function?
  • Select and hold to bring up the magnifying glass
  • Drag to position the insertion point
  • Tap the insertion point to display the selection buttons.
  • Tap Select to select the adjacent word, or tap Select All to select all text. (Double-tap a word to select it.)

In read-only documents:

  • Select and hold a word to select it.
  • Drag the grab points to select more or less text.
  • Select text
  • Tap Cut or Copy
  • Tap the insertion point
  • Tap Paste to insert the last text that you cut or copied. (Select text then tap Paste to replace the text).

To undo the last edit made

  • Shake the iPad gently or tap the undo button on they keyboard
Turn on the Caps Lock

Double tap on the shift key to turn Caps lock on

How to get quick contractions
  • The iPad automatically adds the apostrophe. You tap the space bar to accept it and keep on typing.


  • Tap the .?123 button to reveal numbers and additional symbols.
  • Press and hold the comma key. A pop-up balloon appears with an apostrophe. Release to create the apostrophe

image of the keyboard

Quick quotes
  • Tap and hold over the ? key and a quotation symbol appears
  • Select by moving your finger upwards
Add a full stop
  • Double tap the space bar at the end of a sentence. (adds a full stop and a space)

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