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Working with folders and text

Create folders
  • The iPad must have OS 4.0 or later
  • Tap and hold on an app until they all start to jiggle
  • Drag the app over another icon and release.
  • A folder will be created with both the apps in. The folder will be named according to the category of the apps it contains, but you can rename it as you like.
How to rename any existing folders
  • Tap and hold-down your finger on the folder you want to rename. (Wait until folder wiggles)
  • Let go
  • Tap that folder once
  • The “edit” window will appear
  • Tap the x located at the end of the field with the folder name in it
  • The Keypad will appear
  • Rename the folder
  • Click the Home button Folder will display with its new name
Take an iPad screenshot
  • Press Home and then the Sleep/Wake button. (screen will flash and you'll hear a click)Screen shots are saved automatically in your Photos gallery.
Turn iPad caps lock on
  • Double tap on either shift key
Copy and paste
  • Tap and hold down, and choose Select (exact portion of text you'd like the copy)
  • Tap Copy
  • Next go to a different app, and tap and hold down again
  • Next tap Paste from the menu that appears. (Select an entire paragraph tap four times)
Cut, Copy and Paste whole paragraph
  • Tap any editable text four times. You'll highlight the whole paragraph.
Replace a word
  • Hold down on a word to copy it
  • Choose Select
  • Next a new option: Replace will appear. Tap it.
  • Next you will see suggestions for alternative words that have similar spellings
Hidden apostrophe key on the keyboard
  • Tap and hold on the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear - then just slide up to access it.
Quick quotes
  • Tap and hold over the ? key and a quotation symbol appears
  • Select by moving your finger upwards
Add a full stop
  • Double tap the space bar at the end of a sentence. (adds a full stop and a space)
Find text on a page
  • Type your word into the Google search box. (A list of suggestions will appear, and "On This Page" (bottom), displaying how many times that word appears on the page.)
  • Tap the Find option to go to the first instance of the word
Quick Scroll to the Top of Any Page
  • Tap the title bar at the top of the screen, and you’ll scroll back up to the top.
How to Get Quick Contractions
  • The iPad automatically adds the apostrophe. You tap the space bar to accept it and keep on typing.


  • Tap the .?123 button to reveal numbers and additional symbols.
  • Press and hold the comma key. A pop-up balloon appears with an apostrophe. Release to create the apostrophe

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Last Updated: 1/8/15