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Bringing a Class Roster Into Excel

  1. Login to MyCCRI and view your class list.
  2. Once your class list is displayed on the screen,click in front of the 1. of the first name on the list and drag your cursor down over the entire table so that it is highlighted
  3. Choose Edit - Copy from the menu bar.
  4. Open Excel by clicking on the Start button and then selecting Programs and clicking on Microsoft Excel (note on some computers this is within the Microsoft Office folder)
  5. You should see a blank spreadsheet when Excel opens. Click in the first cell of the second row (A2) and choose Edit-Paste Special from the menu bar (this will paste the names in without the hyperlinks)..
  6. Your entire class roster should appear in the spreadsheet.
  7. Delete the columns you don't need by clicking on the letter at the top of each column to highlight all the data in the column and then selecting Edit - Delete.

    gradebook with a column selected
  8. Now you are ready to type in the labels for the semester. Click in the blank top row in the first blank column next to the names and type in your first label (e.g. Quiz 1). Click the tab key to move to the next column and type in your second label. Repeat this process until all your labels are in. Note: If your label is wider than the column click on the letter at the top of the spreadsheet , move your cursor over the column-divider to the right of the letter, hold down your mouse button and drag to the right until everything fits correctly in the cell.
    widen cell
  9. Select File - Save and name your file with your course name and semester. Make note of where you are saving it so you can find it again.
  10. To put in your first grades, click in the correct column next to each student name and type in the grade. Press the Enter key to move down to the next student. Don't forget to save your file again when you are done.


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Last Updated: 3/15/16