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CCRI Lecture Capture Policies and Expectations

  1. To sign up for an account and to begin using Camtasia Relay, it is recommended that instructors register for a one-on-one training session. These sessions take approximately 15 minutes and cover the most important features of the program.
  2. All videos created with Camtasia Relay are automatically uploaded to the CCRI Media Server and accessible via the uploader’s CCRI Media Library account.
  3. Use of the Camtasia Relay lecture capture system is limited to Faculty/Staff and Administrators.
  4. A BlackBoard course shell is required to post final product videos that have been recorded using Camtasia Relay.
  5. For optimal performance, it is recommended that videos are recorded and uploaded using the recording monitor’s native resolution settings. The suggested maximum length for a recorded file is 2 hours.
  6. Please refer to CCRI's Camtasia Relay requirements page for detailed recording software and hardware requirements.
  7. After recording, closed captions and keyword indexing may be added. Please refer to Camtasia Relay instructional resources for more information.
  8. All video uploads should be done from a CCRI Campus. Following the correct steps, files may be recorded off-site and later uploaded to the media server from a campus location. For further details, please contact a member of IT Media Services or view the instructions provided here.
  9. It is suggested that the instructor checks the progress of their video upload before making additional recordings by logging in to the CCRI Camtasia Relay Website. If technical issues are experienced, please contact a member of IT Media Services. The CCRI IT Help Desk can also be contacted for more general computing assistance.
  10. All videos that are no longer needed for class purposes should be deleted. If instructors plan to capture current classroom content each semester, it is suggested that they delete their old lecture videos on an annual basis to reduce overload on the media server.
  11. Due to the nature of classroom lecture recording, instructors should adhere to all relevant student privacy guidelines, as well as guidelines surrounding copyright and fair use.

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Last Updated: 1/3/17