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Final Capture and Output

Once your lecture has been recorded, submitted and processed, the Camtasia Relay server will email you a link . We recommend sharing that link in the Blackboard LMS for your students to view. Blackboard is the safest way to share your lecture for review. Below are the steps for inserting links in Blackboard.

Click Build Content and select URL from the menu – This is where you will insert the rendered lecture from the Camtasia Server.

image of the Build Content screen

Add a name for your link in the ‘Name’ field and paste the URL into the ‘URL’ field from the email message generated by the Camtasia Server. (this can be any name you choose; it is what your audience will see)

image of URL Information screen

  • Add a ‘Title’ to the Name field
  • Paste the ‘URL’ provided to you by the Camtasia Relay server.

Optional: Add a description if you desire.

image of Description screen

You have the option to attach a document to this URL and also choose among a number of other ‘Options’

image of the Attachments screen

image of the Attachments screen

  1. Locate the file that you’d like to attach.
  2. Allow users to ‘view the content’
  3. Select ‘open in new window’; this is the best practice. This gives students all the web browser controls such as the ability to bookmark the webpage, easier navigation and control over browsing the website.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ to track the number of times the URL is viewed, if you would like this information.
  5. You may enter in ‘restricted dates for viewing’; this is typically used on tests and exams rather than other types of content items.

Scroll to the bottom or top of the page and click Submit

image of the Submit screen


You will receive a ‘Success’ message in the green content area with your newly created weblink.

image of the Success screen

All newly added content appears at the bottom of the page, so you may need to scroll to the bottom if you have other content already in this area of your course.

It is advised that you now click the URL web link to ensure that it was pasted in correctly and the link works.

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Last Updated: 1/3/17