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Basic Recording Steps

To record a presentation:

  • Launch Camtasia Relay.
  • Log in with your username and password, or identify yourself as a guest recording for someone else.

image of the Camtasia Rely Login screen

  • Select a profile. If you do not know what profile to select, choose Upload and Decide Later.

image of Select a Profile screen

  • Click the Audio Device button and select an audio device in the Select Audio Device dialog box.

image of the Audio Device screen

  • Select which display to record if using a projector displaying a different screen or multiple displays.

image of the Click to select a display to record screenimage of Display already selected screen

  • Enter a presentation title and description

image of Presentation Title and Description

  • Make a test recording to verify that you are recording from the correct display and audio device
  • Click the Record button. The recorder is minimized to the system tray.

image of the Record button

  • Give your presentation. Camtasia Relay records everything on your screen and the selected audio device.
  • Stop recording using a hotkey or right-click the icon in the system tray or dock. There may be a delay as the recording is finalized. The recording opens in the Camtasia Relay Review window.

image of the Stop Recording screen

  • If needed, click Trimming to set trim points to cut out extra video at the beginning and end of the presentation.
  • Click the Submit button

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Last Updated: 1/3/17