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Interactive Electronic Whiteboard

This room is equipped with a Hitachi Starboard, an interactive electronic whiteboard, which can either be used independently or in conjunction with the Polycom videoconferencing system. When used on its own, the Starboard functions as a conventional whiteboard using dry-erase markers and erasers. It can also be used in conjunction with a PC to display existing documents stored on the PC, or to create documents using any of the software programs installed on the PC. When used in this mode, an LCD projector projects the displayed image from the PC onto the Starboard and special marking pens allow you to "write" over the image, making it possible to fill in data or to highlight certain objects. You can then save or print the annotated document or send it to an existing faculty Web page on the CCRI site.

When used in conjunction with the Polycom videoconferencing system, the annotated document can be viewed at both the near and far end sites, making it possible to share documentation and notation between sites. For videoconferencing purposes, the Smartboard can also be used independent of a PC using the Share Wizard Pen Mode. This mode allows you to use the Starboard like a conventional whiteboard to display notes which can then also be saved, printed, or emailed to an existing faculty Web page on the CCRI site.

For more information on using the Smartboard electronic whiteboard, or to schedule training for this equipment, please contact the IT/Instructional Technology-Media Services office at 825-2231 or
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