DC-05 Document Camera

A document camera is an image capturing-device that is used to display an object to a larger audience through the classroom projector. It is an interactive learning tool that can be used to display notes, pages of a textbook, images, transparencies, and other items.

The Parts of a Document Camera

  1. The Stage
  2. The Base Lamp- lighting used for transparencies
  3. The Upper Lighting Arms- lighting used for solid objects
  4. The Camera Head- captures image of item placed on stage
  5. The Front Panel with the Different Functions/Buttons-used to adjust image settings
  6. The Power Button- used to power on and off the document camera

How to Use the Different Functions on a Document Camera

  1. IRIS Controls-To adjust the brightness of the image, OPEN the IRIS to brighten the image and CLOSE the IRIS to darken the image.
  2. AUTO/MANUAL-Choosing AUTO will automatically adjust the IRIS. Choosing MANUAL will allow the user to manually adjust the IRIS.
  3. IMAGE ROTATION-To rotate the image, press IMAGE ROTATION. The image will rotate counterclockwise by 90 degrees.
  4. ZOOM Controls-To zoom into your image, press TELE. To zoom out of your image, press AUTOFOCUS.
  5. AUTOFOCUS-To focus the image, press AUTOFOCUS.
  6. CONTRAST-To adjust the white and black tones of the image, press CONTRAST.
  7. LAMP Sources-To display a solid object (e.g. textbook, notes), use the upper lighting arms. Press LAMP to turn on the upper lighting arms.
    -To display a transparency, use the base lamp. Press LAMP a second time to turn on the base lamp.
    -To turn off all lighting, press LAMP again.

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