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Respondus 4.0 Download

Please follow the steps below to download and install Respondus 4.0 on your office computer. After reviewing the instructions, please click on the link below to download Respondus 4.0.

Download Respondus 4.0 (12Mb)
(Requires Login - see login instructions)

Installing Respondus
Step 1

The Run Dialog box will appear, click "Run".

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Step 2

The "Respondus Install Wizard" will begin. Click "Next".

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Step 3

Click the Radio button next to "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and then click "Next".

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Step 4

You will next be prompted to select where you would like the Respondus folder to be stored. Do not change the location, click "Next".

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Step 5

You will also be prompted to select where you would like the Respondus Projects folder to be stored. Do not change the location, click "Next".

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Step 6

Respondus is now ready to begin the installation, click "Install".

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Step 7

Respondus will ask if you would like to install the "Respondus Equation Editor". Select "Yes" if you are going to be using equations in your tests and "No" if you are not.

Step 8

Respondus has now finished the installation on your pc, click "Finish".

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Step 9

You will now have a desktop icon for Respondus. Double-click the icon to open Respondus. The first time you open Respondus you will be prompted to fill in the Institution Name, Local Support Contact, and the Installation password. Click License.

NOTE: Please type the information in exactly as shown below.

  • Institution Name - Community College of Rhode Island
  • Local Support Contact(s) - Help Desk,
  • Installation Password - ZR528382309-573738902


Step 10

You will be prompted to choose the correct Course Management System "Personality" to work in. Choose Blackboard 6.3 - 9.x from the drop down list and click "Ok".

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Step 11

You will now be on the Respondus home page. Click on the Preview and Publish tab at the top of the page.

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Step 12

You will have to fill out some information since this is the first time you are setting up Respondus on your desktop pc. Click the drop down arrow and click on "add new server" for "1. Choose Server".

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Step 13

Select the radio button to the left of "Yes, check for preconfigured server settings" and click "Next".

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Step 14
  1. Type in "My Bb Server" to describe the Blackboard server.
  2. Enter your "username" and "domain password". Select "Save Username and Password on this computer" if it is not a shared computer.
  3. Select "Run connection test".
  4. Click "Next".

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Step 15

Respondus will run the connection test, Click "Next". If it does not say "Completed Successfully" at the bottom of the dialog box, call the IT Help Desk at x1112.

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Step 16

You have now configured the server settings for Respondus. Click "Finish".

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Last Updated: 2/20/15