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Checking Course Links

Checking your course links:
Step 1

On the Control Panel under Packages and Utilities, select Check Course Links.

Step 2

On the Check Course Links page, click OK to start the tool. The operation may take a few minutes to run; the length of the process depends on the number of links within a course.

Step 3

Read the results and repair broken links.

Step 4

After Check Course Links is run, a results page appears, explaining the status of each link to a Course Files item. Some broken links can be fixed by the instructor, while others cannot.

Legend Description and Resolution
  • Valid Link - These items are linked successfully and do not require any further action.
  • Repairable Permissions Error - All course users do not have read permission to these items. When a user attempts to access this link in a course, a File Not Found error appears. The instructor has Manage permission to the items and can therefore repair these links. Select the check boxes next to the items and click Repair. The system grants Read permission to these items to all course users.
  • Path Not Found - The specified path to this item is no longer valid, it may have been deleted. The links are broken and the instructor should delete them from the course. If the new locations or names of the items are known, new links can be created.
  • Permissions Error - the links to the items are valid, but all users do not have Read permissions to these items. The instructor does not have Manage permissions to the items and cannot repair these course links. The instructor should delete these links from the course or contact a user with Manage permissions to these items to add the appropriate permission.
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