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Changing User's Availability in Course

NOTE: Deleting users from a course deletes all of the information associated with users, such as the Grade Center information, Assessment and Assignment information and Course Statistics. Discussion Board posts and received messages and email are not deleted. Deleted users and their corresponding information cannot be restored to the course. However, it is possible to re-enroll the user into the course without any associated data.

Change User's Availability in a Course
Step 1

On the Control Panel located under Course Management, click Users and Groups and then select Users from the drop-down list.

Step 2

On the Users page, enter the student's username in the Search field or browse for the student by clicking the Browse button.

Step 3

From the contextual menu next to the user's name, select Change User's Availability in Course.

Step 4

On the Change User's Availability in Course page, under 1. Role and Availability set the availability from the drop-down list next to Available (this course only).

*This Setting will only affect the course in which your are teaching. Availability is displayed in the far right column on the Users page. The column will state either Yes or No depending on the availability.

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