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The cover image of "Community College of Rhode Island: An Illustrated History, The Rhode Island Junior College Years."

CCRI Bookstores
The book is available at all CCRI bookstores for $19.95 per copy plus $3 shipping per copy, and can be purchased by check, cash or credit card.

Department of Marketing and Communications
The book also can be purchased directly from the Marketing and Communications Department by check, which should be made out to "CCRI Foundation." To order from the department, fill out the order form and return to the department address above with payment, or call 401-825-1045.

Limited edition now available!

CCRI releases illustrative history of the college

Community College of Rhode Island:
An Illustrated History, The Rhode Island
Junior College Years

An inside spread of the book A sample inside spread of the book includes photos and information about student activities like The Lance newspaper and the Shielders, a student organization.

In celebration of its 45th anniversary, the Community College of Rhode Island announces the release of a new book, an illustrative history of the state's only community college. Called, "Community College of Rhode Island: An Illustrated History, The Rhode Island Junior College Years," the book chronicles the development of the college from its foundation in 1964 as Rhode Island Junior College through the institution's name change in 1980 to Community College of Rhode Island. Today the community college boasts 54,000 alumni, many of whom were students during the Rhode Island Junior College years and helped establish the community college as New England's largest.

The 48-page book, which includes biographies of founding faculty and administrators, was written and produced by Julie A. Novak and Richard H. Coren, staff members in the college's Marketing and Communications Department. Novak, who has experience in the fields of journalism and higher education, joined the college in 2007 and works as a public relations officer. Coren, a graphic designer, operated his own graphic design studio for 19 years prior to joining the college staff in 2007. The authors produced the book as part of a CCRI Professional Staff Association (CCRIPSA) bonus project where, pending approval, funding is given to employees who submit a proposal to tackle a special project outside of their assigned duties and regular work hours.

"It is rare for a book about a history of a college to evoke so much emotion," said CCRI President Ray Di Pasquale. "This book tells the compelling story of our history and highlights the pioneers, both students and administrators, who were at the forefront of our development. A book like this will be around long after everyone at the college who remembers our historical events and milestones firsthand are gone."

A limited edition of 500 copies of the book were printed and are available for sale. Proceeds from all book sales will support a scholarship for a student studying the arts at the college.

Last Updated: 6/28/16