Employment Forms for New Part-Time Employees

Each type of part-time employment has a unique Workflow authorization form that must accompany the employment forms. Click on any one of the specific employment categories below to view the Workflow instructions.

Adjunct Faculty Adjunct Faculty Payroll Instructions
Coaches, Faculty Stipends, Other Special Non-Hourly Payroll Instructions
Honoraria Employees Honorarium Payroll Instructions
Part-Time Staff & Non-Credit Instructors Part-Time Payroll Instructions
Guest Lecturer, Speakers or Event Participants A college requisition must be entered in Banner

For Department Chairs, Directors and Support Staff:
To access the Workflow system, click the MyCCRI link via CCRI's website.
Enter your CCRI username and password and then click on the "myWorkflow" tab.
Follow the instructions depending on which type of part-time employee you are hiring.

In addition to the respective Workflow authorization form, the potential employee must complete the forms listed below and submit to the Office of Human Resources:

1. Information Form Employee Info and Signature Required
2. I-9 (with valid identification documents attached) Employment Eligibility Verification Required
3. Drug-Free Workplace Acknowledgement Form Required
4. Bar of Claims Worker's Compensation Claims Required
5. Pre-Employment Background Consent National Background Screening Required
6 BCI Questionnaire Supplemental Questionnaire Required
7. W-4 (Federal) Tax Purposes Required
8. W-4 (State) Tax Purposes Required
9. FICA Exemption Form Tax Purposes Required
10. Direct Deposit Bank Information Required
11. Campus Domain Account Application Eligibility for a CCRI Email Account Required
12. Policy Acknowledgement Form College Policies & Procedures Required

13. Online Harassment Training

Participation in Harassment Training Required
14. Copy of Resume Adjunct Faculty Only Required
15. Healthcare Exchange Notification Notice of Eligibility for healthcare Document
16. Voluntary Self-Id Form for Employees with Disabilities
Rehabilitation Act/ADA Optional
17. Emergency Contact Form Emergency Notification Required
  1. Honorarium payment employees must complete an I-9 (with valid identification documents attached), Federal W-4, Bar of Claims, and Drug-Free forms; besides the Workflow authorization no other employment forms are needed. Direct deposit may be available if appropriate forms are submitted.
  2. Guest Lecturers, Speakers, or Event Participants must complete a W-9 and the department supervisor must enter a college requisition. Contact the College's Purchasing Department for more information.
  3. If there is a lapse of employment at CCRI of one year or more, new employment forms will be required.
  4. I-9 Compliance: In order for the College to be in compliance with the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act, a college representative must attest to having seen the original (not copies) of the identification documents that satisfy Section 2 of the I-9 form. Proper documentation establishes that the applicant is authorized to work in the U.S. To ensure compliance with this federation regulation, a department representative must inspect original identification documents, sign and date the I-9 as having done so, and photocopy those documents to attach to the I-9 to send to HR along with the rest of the hiring paperwork.
  5. All newly hired employees (except some honoraria) are advised to watch their e-mail carefully for a notification from HireRight, LLC. containing sign-on and password information to complete a required background screening. Once the new employee has logged on and provided the required information, HireRight will complete the background investigation and forward the results to Human Resources. Employment is contingent upon Human Resources receiving, reviewing and approving the results of the background check.
  6. Employees are NOT authorized to work more than 925 hours within a fiscal year. It is the employee's responsibility to track this as they can have multiple part-time positions, in addition to an adjunct position, between departments for less than 19 hours a week or less.

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Last Updated: 9/10/18