4.18  Sabbatical Leave:

It is the policy of the Board that a limited number of employees may be eligible for sabbatical leave; such leave is a privilege, not a right.  A sabbatical leave clearly must benefit the institution/Office of Higher Education as well as the individual and in the case of the Office of Higher Education, all sabbatical leaves must be authorized by the Board of Governors.

Upon approval of the Board of Governors, employees after the completion of six (6) years of employment may be eligible to take a sabbatical leave for the purpose of advanced study, independent research or pursuance of a higher academic degree.

An employee on sabbatical leave shall receive for a period of one year, half pay, or for a period of up to six (6) months, full pay, with the understanding that he or she return to his or her duties for at least one (1) year upon termination of the leave, unless by mutual agreement between the employee and the appointing authority, it is deemed inadvisable.

Upon return from sabbatical leave, an employee's salary shall be the same as he or she would have received had the period of his or her leave been spent in the service of the Board and the employee shall be returned to the same level which he or she held at the time said leave commenced if it exists, or if not, a substantially equivalent level.

An employee on sabbatical leave is not eligible to receive and will not accrue vacation or sick time.