4.16  Tuition Waiver:

Tuition waiver is applicable to full-time non-classified employees of the Board of Governors, according to the following, unless specifically designated otherwise in a collective bargaining agreement:  waiver of fees shall be limited strictly to tuition.  The individual must pay all other fees, books, supplies, travel, and other expenses.

Tuition or course charges for institutions under the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors may be waived for eligible employees.  This waiver applies to the employee's spouse or domestic partner, as defined in RIGL 36-12-1, and legal (as defined by IRS regulations) dependents who are pursuing courses in a regular study program for credit at the first baccalaureate level only.  In the event of the employee's death, the tuition waiver benefit shall be provided for those spouses or domestic partners, as defined in RIGL 36-12-1, and legal dependents who have been accepted or are enrolled at the time of such death and who maintain continuous enrollment.

Only full-time employees are eligible.

If an employee is on leave without pay, neither the employee nor his or her spouse or domestic partner, as defined in RIGL 36-12-1, or legal dependents are eligible for tuition waiver unless specifically approved by the institution.

Tuition waivers are not applicable to non-credit courses.