4.13  Military Leave:

An employee who has left or shall leave their position by reason of entering the armed forces of the United States (whether through membership in the Reserve of the United States Military or Naval Forces or the Rhode Island National Guard, or by reason of enlistment, induction, commission, or otherwise), and who has been employed for one hundred eighty (180) calendar days or more within the twelve (12) months next proceeding such entrance into the armed forces, is entitled to a military leave of absence from said position commencing with the time of leaving said position and continuing through the duration of said absence required by the continuance of service in the armed forces.  Such leave of absence shall be deemed to have expired six (6) months after the date of discharge from or authorized separation from active duty as a member of the armed forces.  Re-enlistment or other continued service in the armed forces resulting from choice by the employee shall automatically serve to cancel said leave. 

For the first sixty (60) days of the leave the employee shall receive the difference between his/her total salary and military pay.  In no case shall the combined salary exceed the employee's regular total salary.  At the conclusion of the leave of absence the employee shall be returned to his position, subject, however to any law or rule which may hereinafter be enacted affecting such right of return or defining the conditions under which such returns may be made.