4.11  Leave Without Pay:

A full-time employee may apply for a leave without pay for good reason.  An employee shall apply, in writing through his or her immediate supervisor, stating his or her reasons and the length of the leave requested.  The appointing authority shall approve or disapprove any request for leave under this section and shall indicate in writing any conditions relative to the leave, which shall be binding on both parties.  A leave may be renewed upon the request of the employee and the approval of the appointing authority.  The total leave, including renewal, shall not exceed one year.  If applicable, the first thirteen weeks of such leave is considered Family and Medical Leave "FMLA".

Any employee who is absent from duty without authorized leave for five consecutive working days or who fails to resume his or her duties within five days of the expiration of a leave of absence shall be deemed to have resigned without notice.

If a leave without pay is granted because of a workers' compensation claim, the employee shall be eligible to receive health benefits in accordance with Section 4.17.