4.10  Long-Term Disability Insurance:

Eligible employees are continuing, limited term or temporary renewable non-faculty employees who work 20 hours or more per week, or faculty (except temporary) members who work at least half time, defined as 17.5 hours per week.  Eligible employees who have at least one year of continuous service, are eligible for the disability program.  Employees, who within three months prior to employment with an agency of the Board of Governors were insured by their previous employer under another group disability insurance policy which provided income benefits for a minimum of five years of disability, shall be eligible for disability insurance as of the first day of the month coinciding with or the next month following their date of hire.

With the exception of a personal leave without pay, coverage may be continued during most leaves of absence.  An employee on a leave of absence or sabbatical may continue his or her disability insurance provided the leave or sabbatical has the appointing authority's approval and the employee is scheduled to return to work in an eligible classification at the end of the leave.

In the event of a total disability, employees may apply for long-term disability benefits.  After six months of total disability, disability benefits, if approved, begin with monthly payments of 60% of one's salary with a maximum as established by the LTD insurance policy.  Payments are reduced by benefits from other sources, including Social Security or similar benefits, Workers' Compensation or similar benefits, or other benefits such as benefits paid under a group insurance and other payments consistent with the terms of the LTD insurance policy.