4.07 Annual Leave:

Full-time permanent employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement shall have 22 working days annual leave, accrued at the rate of 5.9 hours per pay period.   Annual leave may not be taken during the first six months of employment.  Exceptions may be made upon approval of the appointing authority.  Accrual will begin during the first pay period of employment.  Accrued annual leave may be discharged with the approval of the immediate supervisor at the convenience of the department.  Employees working less than full-time will accrue annual leave prorated to their appointment.

All non-classified calendar year staff will record their vacation leave discharge on a biweekly or monthly attendance report, which is signed by the employee and his or her supervisor.

When the service of any staff member is terminated, the employee or the employee's estate shall be entitled to receive full pay for each hour of accrued salary deferral and vacation leave to his or her credit as of the day of termination.

When an employee moves from one position to another within the same institution, the employee shall retain all accrued sick, salary deferred, vacation and personal leave.

When an employee moves from one position to another within the system of higher education, the employee may elect to receive payment for salary deferred hours from the sending institution.  The receiving institution shall assume the value of accrued sick, vacation, personal and/or salary deferred hours.

All non-classified employees with 20 years or more state service, not including student employment and graduate assistantships, shall receive an additional five working days annual leave per year.  The maximum annual leave carryover from one year to the next shall not exceed two years' accrual.