4.05  Health Insurance:

Employees, except those in limited-period appointments of fewer than six months, and part-time personnel whose workweek is less than 20 hours, are eligible for individual or family health benefits or waiver, if applicable.

Eligible employees may choose a health plan from the options offered and approved by the State of Rhode Island, and applicable co-shares will be handled through payroll deduction. 

Eligible employees1 retiring from active service with the Board of Governors shall receive retiree health care insurance benefits comparable with that provided under RIGL 36-12-4 through the Board of Governors Retiree Health Care Program.  Funding for this benefit will be provided through a payroll deduction from salary of participating employees as established by the Board of Governors.

When a person's employment is terminated for reasons other than gross misconduct or if the employee, as a result of reduction in hours of employment, is no longer eligible to receive health benefits, the employee may be eligible under the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Public Law 99-272, to purchase benefits for up to 18 months or more as provided by that statute.  Consult the human resources office, as appropriate, for information concerning eligibility.

1Effective dates:   Defined Contribution Plan participants:  December 4, 2006
                           Defined Benefit Plan participants:  December 4, 2006