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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2011

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2011 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Brendan Baba Brendan Britton Cosmic Inflation
Brittany Berard Jon Lu Life Style of Geisha and the Different Perspectives
Britanny Berard Jacob Stott Comparing and Contrasting Renaissance Domestic Music as Antecedents of Victorian Domestic Music
Jeremy Carreiro Brendan Britton Astrophotography
Kristen Clark Suzanne McCormack History of Women in American Politics
Heriberto Diaz Marcel Berard Social Responsibility: The Need for Community
Robert DiGiulio Karen Kortz Pros and Cons of Initiating the "Green Movement" in Business
Lydia Dorsey Alfred Craig Tuberculosis: Past and Present
Leonela Felix Arthur Ricci Hate Crime Worldwide
Sherri Fournier Barbara Bradley Nursing Informatics: Nursing Applications and Its Impact on Patient Care
James Gracik Jeffrey Butterworth Strong Shakespearean Characters
Meredith Grajeda Nancy Millard The Effects of Arsenic on the RI Environment
Meredith Grajeda Michael Pellegrino The Treaty of Versailles and Its Effects on World Peace
Philemon Hadley Allison Petro Filming and Overview of ACA Presentation at Newport Art Museum
Rebecca Hockhousen Carlton Hastings Language Shapes Us
Rebecca Hockhousen JoAnn Warren Exploring Cultural Differences in the Workplace
Allison Knight Allison Petro Writing to Teach Children
Candie Komorowski Sheryl MacDougall Bullying in Schools: Are Schools Liable for Bullying and Wrongful Death Suits
Candie Komorowski Sheryl MacDougall Data Mining Pharmaceuticals: Privacy Ethics and the Law
Ashley LaFerriere Daniel Donovan Electronic Discovery
Peter Lanouette Allison Petro Automobiles in Film: The Ultimate in Kinetic Energy
Catherine Liebherr Anthony Amore Jr. A Collection of Connections
Donna Mackie Susan Sienkiewicz Tar Wars (antismoking presentation)
Jonathan Montalbano Cynthia Smith Painting Digital Art
Matthew Najmowicz James Minuto Underlying Rationale for the World Trade Organization
Amethys Nieves Thomas Asermely Designer Babies
Tyler Poirier Anne Marie Rameilca Tar Wars (antismoking presentation)
Zachary Riley Dennis Najarian Music and the Enlightenment
Matthew Romanik Allison Petro Screen Plays and Presentation
Angie Serpas Regina Traficante Historical Account of Bullying from the 1960s to Modern Day
Adam Silva Al Craig A Cytological Assessment of Various Evolutionary Similarities and Differences Between Two Closely Related Species
Susan St. Cyr Luis Malaret Study of Ants
Brenna Vigneau Andre Mayer Division of Domestic Labor in Hetero and Homosexual Relationships in America in Relation to Class and Race
Brenna Vigneau Ed Zuromski Behavior Modification and Autism
Ronald Wilson Mike Kelly Wise Buy
Ronald Wilson Anthony Basilico Butter Ribs ASP.NET Version

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