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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2010

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2010 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Matthew Allenson Luis Malaret A study of the animals and plants on the CCRI Lincoln Campus
Nikki Anderson Dave Alfano School shooting across America
Shannon Balko Jonathan Sylvia Sculpture
Raymond Beltran Suzanne McCormack Women' s history
Raymond Beltran Paul Leclerc The absence of Aristotelian logic in the cable news media
Lisa Bevilacqua Inez Mello Intermediate accounting as it relates to today's public accounting environment
Gregory Breard John Panzica The history of Alice
Ryan Browner Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Michael Buckley Safiul Huda Non-profit organizations
Ryan Caldarone Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Krystal Coleman Richard Tarlaian The changing role of females in gangs
Fernanda Consuegra Karen Anderson A Hegelian analysis on the quantification of desire and the subjugation of women in early modern lit
Raphael Conte Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Allison Contillo* Sarah Cichon Ethical issues with responsible sexual behavior programs in high/middle schools
Jennifer Costa Paula Marcello Rising occurrence of childhood obesity
Kerrilynn Cotugno Maureen McGarry Myths, legends, and misconceptions: The truth behind HIV and AIDS
Laura Coulombe Ralph Ligouri 911 suspects being tried in New York or by military
Laura Coulombe Sheryl MacDougall Toyota recall
Christian Dale Thomas Morrissey Commercial application of photographic skills using digital media
Kimberly DeFlaminio Luis Malaret A study of the plants and animals on the CCRI Lincoln Campus
Ardem Elmayen Regina Traficante Observations and thoughts on a hospital based psychological population
Gladys Enriquez Paul Carcieri Science of irrigation among the pre-Columbian Inca
Melissa Gareau Elisabeth Read I love to read: How adults love a child's love of literacy
Eva Gomez Alex Russo Industry and technology after World War II
Nora Grady Maureen VanGyzen How do generally accepted accounting principles compare with international financial reporting standards
Ron Greene Michael Latina An analysis of the central force problem and its application to low-earth orbits
Kathleen Greenwood Scott Warila Academic Roadmap for biotechnology certificate
Osmery Guerra Jeff Butterworth A period garment
Judith Hadley Karen Kortz Glacial presence of cumberlandite in rock walls
Judith Hadley Emily Burns The beauty of diatoms
Jeffrey Hancock Bruce Bennett Physiological effects of fluid infusion in a field environment
Rebecca Hockhousen Lee Chartier Subtle strategies: Linguistics in Marketing
Brigette Houle B Britton Investigation into dark energy
Brigette Houle Debra Lilli Universal reflection
Susanna Jackson Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Dorrie Jeschke Alwyn D'Souza Understanding electricity in modern day housing
Ashley Jones Jody Robinson Rehabilitation of Tinius Olsen material testing apparatus, tension and compression
Ashley Jones Mazin Adam The Solar system
Jessie Kaneer Linda Hassoun The youth of now vs. the youth of then
Hannah Kee Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Jessica Killian Dale Boyle Language levels
Jean Lamb Lynne Andreozzi Fontaine The Informative years
Amanda Lane Maria Mansella Connecting with the Capobiancos
Mackenzie Lawler Kira Trainor Foray into fantasy fiction
Ashley Laferriere Sheryl MacDougall Guantanamo Bay The bill of rights for detainees
Ashley Laferriere Richard Tarlaian The new predator
Derek LaFlamme Luis Malaret A study of the plants and animals on the CCRI Lincoln Campus
James LaPlume Jr. Luis Malaret A study of the ants found in disturbed and forest habitat of the Adirondacks
Christine Ann Leone Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Aaron Lubiner Michael Burdon An analysis of the allegorical and symbolic nature of Stephen O'Connor's Ziggurat
Lauren Macbeth Stephen Marginson RI Philharmonic
Keith Mackey Deanna Agresti Kessa Kreations
Jeremy Magnan James Minuto Analysis of special interest support in the US Senate race
Johanna Malise Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Kimberly Manchester Steve Kadelski The killer next door? An examination of the Wayne Williams case
Jeffrey Mandler Wayne Gargrave Performance psychology in music
Nicole Martins James Minuto The Darfur crisis
Crystalmarie Marzocchi William Pellicio Rape: Understanding the rapist, the rape, it's trauma, developmental issues and long lasting effects on women
Crystalmarie Marzocchi William Pellicio Alcoholism: Genetics, predisposition and the disease as a whole
Kaitlyn McCoy Rita Price Teaching methods and student learning styles: Two intertwining factors that relate to student success
Nuno Melo Alex Russo The Beginnings: Man's roots in Antiquity
Christopher Menihan Michelle Connolly Contemporary music of Ecuador
Kevin Montero Luis Malaret A study of the plants and animals on the CCRI Lincoln Campus
Hannah Mosquera Safiul Huda Monetary wants of an institutionalized population
William Nagle Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Matthew Najmowicz Karen Anderson Nintendo: The rising giant
Lindsay Nollsch Barbare Bradley Student sleep survey--An exploration and teaching on sleep requirements and effects of deprivation
Jocelyn Nunes Harry Redfearn Rise and fall of the Assyrian empire
Rachel O'Hara Richard Cardin What is process control
Randi-Lee Owens Dave Alfano Should people with psychological disorders receive the same sentencing
Catherine Plante Melissa Lorenson Treating schizophrenia
Joseph Raposa Stanley Spencer Advertising: Determining the target audience
Emily Raymond Leslie Killgore Living with mental illness in Rhode Island
Michael Reinhart Dave Alfano Sexual Addiction: Myth or reality
Sarah Reiter Laurie Sherman The paradox of performance
Nathan Rickard Mark Zellers Historical project
Taylor Roy Laurie Sherman Recycling at the Met
Kelly Shea Carol Panaccione An exploration of health care systems in Germany
Michael Stevens Andrew Baynes Effects on fire fighter safety from fire protection systems
Justin Sularz Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature
Peter Sweet Jonathan Steele China vs. America: An educational comparison
Suzanne Veneri Paul White The geology and social economics of the Haiti earthquake
Julie Vieng Yvonne Leonard Inner strength
Jessica Wainfor Steve Forleo The life and times of William Shakespeare
Ronald Wilson Anthony Basilico Basic web browser
Candice Yi Allison Petro Honors project in film as literature

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