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Community College of Rhode Island

Fall 2010

The following projects are approved for the Fall 2010 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Brendan Baba Jennifer Nappi Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality
Brendan Baba Kay Johnson Integrating C++ with SQL
Raymond Beltran Jeffery Taylor A Statistical Analysis of Job Creation by the "Recovery Act"
Christine Briley Allison Petro Film Club Project
Courtney Camara Hossiri Goolo-Solo Social, Cultural, Linguistic, and Economic Aspects of Cuenca, Ecuador
Alexander Castillo Madeleine Costa Analysis of Confucianism on Chinese Culture
Elizabeth Charpentier Robert Masse Assisted Suicide: Who Should Decide?
Raphael Conte Allison Petro Screenplay for a Film
Marge Cook Allison Petro Film Club Project
Jennifer Costa Carol Patnaude Discipline: A Historical Perspective
Elizabeth Daniel Jeff Butterworth Masks Around the World
Kimberly DeFlaminio David Vito Mutations Within the Biochemical Pathways of Drosophila melanogaster
Hakizimana Delachance Safiul Huda Build a University in a Country Where Education Is Not Available to Everyone
Heriberto Diaz Langdon Clough Evangelicals in America: Why Their Numbers Are Increasing
Gladys Enriquez Brendan Britton Astronomy of the Incas: Tools and Ancient Observatory Sites
Monica Faria Allison Petro Film Club Project
Ryan Gibbs Allison Petro Film Club Project
Karl Golz Pranab Banerjee The Large Hadron Collider -- Big Bang or Bust
Meredith Grajeda Michael Pellegrino How All of the Things Through Revolution and Navigation Acts Contributed to the Constitution and Our Civil Rights
Meredith Grajeda John White The Effects of Abuse and Violence in a Relationship
Amanda Hirst Luis Malaret Study of the Biodiversity in the Woodlands of CCRI Flanagan Campus
Suzanna Jackson Allison Petro Honors Film Project
Heather Kassner Sarah Lane The Enemy in Our Sights: A Comparative Study of Wartime Propaganda
Jessica Killian Paul White Getting the "A" in Oceanography: The Strategies that Will and Will Not Earn You the Shiny "A"
Sarah Kinnaman Joslin Leasra Control Your Diabetes, Don't Let It Control You
Cory Kirk Ira Shaeffer The Best Generation
Allison Knight Carole Devine Breast is Best: Breastfeeding Advocacy and Education
Candie Komorowski Sheryl MacDougall How Far Do Our First Amendment Rights Allow Us to Go?
Candie Komorowski Bert Silverberg Censorship in Theatre
Ashley LaFerriere John Montalbano Eminent Domain: Kelo v New London
Ronald Lewis Patricia Morse An Exploration in Dance-Theatre
Aaron Lubiner Steven Forleo The Forest: Summer
Johanna Malise Allison Petro Honors Film Project
Shawn Moniz Allison Petro Film Club Project
William Nagle Allison Petro Film Honors Project
Matthew Najmowicz James Minuto The Political and Global Economy of the Cocaine Trade from the 1960's on
Amethys Nieves Luis Malaret The Study of Biodiversity in the Woodlands of CCRI's Flanagan Campus
Jocelyn Nunes Ed Zuromski Contemporary Causes of Mental Illness
Brandon Pilmer JoAnne Orabone Financial Analysis -- Sirius XM Radio
Vanessa Roper Allison Petro Honors Film Project
Patricia Rushton Allison Petro Film Club Project
Amber Scoufos Karen Kortz Increasing Secondary Education Science Teachers' Knowledge of the Rock Cycle Through a Short Course
Talia Selta Thomas Folcarelli Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Medicine
Ann Senerchia Suzanne Mello-Stark Boy Scout Troop Website
Adam Silva Alfred Craig The Effects of the British Petroleum Oil Spill on the Trophic Levels of the Gulf
Daniel Silva Luis Malaret A Study of Animals and Plants on the Lincoln Campus
Alexandra Svoboda Elizabeth Morais Access to Healthcare and Traditional Remedies in Rhode Island's Latino Community
Raul Vargas Brenda Konopelko Business Plan Focusing on Financial Aspects and Implications
Raul Vargas Amy Zervas Marketing Plan for Start-Up Manufacturing

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