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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2009

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2009 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
James Achterberg Laurie Sherman Victory gardens
Monique Andrews Heather Townsend Surviving Anatomy: Tips and techniques for success
Frederick Barbosa James Minuto The open end to the foreclosed
Ann Benetti Jonathan Sylvia Skeleton drawing
Bethany Boyd Don Jurkowitz Antioxidant Vitamins
Carolyn Grace Burnes Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Patrick Byrne Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Kelly Jean Chabot Joanne Orabone American Eagle Outfitters: Financial statement analysis
Robert Champagne Laurie Sherman RI Health care project
Kira Crockett Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Samantha Crowe Steve Forleo Newspaper Editing
Ekaterina Flowers David Vito Nature's Natural Pesticide -- How Arthrobotrys conoides Controls Plant Pests
Nathan Foulkes Laurie Sherman Analysis of six national economic powers
Megan Freitas John Cole Creative writing project
Megan Freitas Randy Blasing An analysis of the poetry of Alan Ginsberg
Karl Golz Anthony Leone How alcoholism affects behavior in the workplace
Karl Golz Vartan Vartanian Signals and circuits of the DTV transition
Ron Haley Diane Ruscito "Technology Today" "bug" logo for local ch 8
Kerri Hall Laurie Sherman Affluent lifestyle contributing to cancer
Adriana Harrison Laurie Sherman Why people immigrate to the US
Eben Hutchison Joanne Orabone An analysis of the financial statements of Borders Group, Inc. for fiscal 2008
Christopher Jensen Laurie Sherman The rise and fall of affluent societies
Heather Kassner Laurie Sherman Paradox of Affluence Essay contest
Adetoro Kottun Daniel Donovan Magic Cloak: 5th Amendment
Adetoro Kottun Daniel Donovan Criminal Intentions
Jean Lamb William Pelliccio An invisible aging population: Challenges for the gay, lesbian, bi and trans sexual elderly
Damien LaPierre Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Ebony Laprocina* Joanne Orabone Marketing of Delta Epsilon Chi
Ebony Laprocina Laurie Sherman  
Jennifer Laren Gary Bower Financial Statement Analysis
Thomas Mahaney Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Kimberly Manchester Steve Forleo Shakespeare women and their modern counterparts: A study of feminine strength
Michelle Mariani Maddie Josephs Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and the Hanford Nuclear Site
Andrew Mattera Karen Kortz Ways to improve students' understanding of plate tectonics
Kaitlin Maynard Jeffrey Butterworth Cartoon voices
Leonore McCarthy* Laurie Sherman  
Kevin Mendes Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Christopher Menihan Laurie Sherman Exploring the paradox of affluence through literature
Nichole Molloy Laurie Sherman Inequalities of the fairy tale dream
Shawn Moniz Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Tiffany Murphy Laurie Sherman Weather patterns in RI over the past 50 years
Jean Nsabumuremyi Laurie Sherman Refugee settlement in RI
Kaori Oneil* Audrey Kaiser Music education in Japan and the States
Marisa Paliotta Daniel Donovan Copyright law: Music downloading
Matt Phillips William Pacitti The media's influence on body image
Robert Plumer Thomas Skouras Effective strategies grassroots non-profits
Sophia Portunato J. Sullivan "The Counterfeit King" The Louis Colavecchio
Patrice Potter Laurie Sherman How has affluence influenced education?
Donna Powers Sheryl MacDougall The case of the peanut salmonella poisoning
Donna Powers J. Stott  
Sarah Reiter Laurie Sherman Student voices
Ondrea Robinson Jonathan Steele Autism in the community college
Vanessa Roper* Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Ines Roque Laurie Sherman PTK - The paradox of affluence "Honors in Action"
Jacqueline Russell T J Keefe Riding Physics
Gerald Sena Marcel Berard The marketing of blu-ray technology: A global perspective
Gerald Sena Gary Bower Google vs. Yahoo! financial analysis
Chelsea Seyster Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Gerald Shippee Maureen Kelman  
Gerald Shippee Debra Lilli In the Age of Tunka
Amy Silva Lewis Royal Physiological basis of pain
Jesse Stuckey Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Jahaira Torres Cynthia Smith Painting series of four
Jahaira Torres Jonathan Sylvia Series of three model drawings
Brendalee Viveiros Karen Kortz What causes students to have difficulties understanding the concept of plate tectonics?
Carissa Walton William Pelliccio Issues in drug abuse and addiction
Laurie Willis Allison Petro Honors project in Film as Literature
Lynn Wirth Debra Lilli From short story to poetry

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