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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2008

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2008 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Felicity Alvino Amanda DeAngelis FAS outcomes using a human patient simulant
Kyle Bacon Bob Angell Hannibal and the Second Punic War
Lauren Bambera Bert Silverberg Joan of Arc: Three dramatic treatments
Kimberly Bartell Tonia Fay Fighting for a life
Kimberly Bartell Rita Price Life lying down
Kelli Baxter Rita Price Navigating special education services
June Berdos Lewis Royal How a disease originating in the mitochondria effects homeostasis
Amanda Blanchette Thomas Sepe Analysis of treatment proculs (medication and behavioral management) and their use in schools with ADD and ADDHD students
Tracey Bolton Nancy Millard The San Francisco earthquake of 1906
Tracey Bolton Al Craig The Influenza pandemic of 1918
Lauren Bouthillier Mr. Kelly Logic in Alice
John Buchanan Nancy Millard The Great Hurricane of 1938
John Buchanan Emily Burns Invasive species: Are we being overtaken?
John Buchanan Paul Carcieri Henry Ford and the automotive industry
Christian Bullock Diane Ruscito Animation creation for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Christian Bullock Lorraine Bello Video game store inventory
Kathrynn Cabigting Joann Warren Discovering the influence of theory on contemporary management styles
Erin Cahill Paul Archetto Elements in the life of Leonardo DaVinci
Erin Cahill David Alfano Who is always ready? Gender differences in prepared sexual preparation
David Calabro Jerry Bernardini Domestic market wind turbine study
Marisol Chavez Kevin Salisbury Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: An analysis of memory and forgetting
Courtney Choquette John Worsley New interpretations of classic cases
Rebecka Davis    
Elizabeth DeConno William Pellicio The truth about interpersonal violence
David DeFrancesco Kristen Garvey The importance of funding NASA
Domini Downs Gloria-Jean Masciarotte "Eat Me," "Drink Me" and the Power of Food in Fantasy Literature
Matthew Dube Stephen LaJoie Counterpoint study
Michele Dupuis-Clarke Arthur Ricci Historic use - The evolution of a roadway never plotted
Michele Dupuis-Clarke Steven Kuada RI Real Estate Contracts - What to Expect and What to Avoid
Megan Freitas John Cole The Memoir as Literature
Jamie Goeden Audrey Kaiser The importance of the music and arts programs in out schools
Dylan Going Kristen Garvey Film as literature - A critical analysis of current works and reviews
Lindsay Gordon Jeff Butterworth Researching and constructing costumes for an 18th century play
Savanna Hanson G. Lazieh Gun Control Laws Vs. Second Amendment Rights
Stacey Johnson Natalie Coletta Classical Indian Dance and its connections to Hinduism
Michaela Johnston Carol Panaccione An exploration of French music: From romantic era to hip hop
Kevin Krasko Carol Panaccione An exploration of the works and life of the French film director Jean Renoir
Jean Lamb William Pellicio Lakota people's law project
William Lange Jeff Butterworth Costume research, design, and construction of late 19th century clothing
Jacqueline LeFrancois Suzanne McCormack America's Great Depression Through the Arts
Heather Lemme-Whorf Langdon Clough Winds of Change - Tornadoes in the United States
Mary Leroux Bernadette Drinkwine Kidney transplants
Mary Leroux Cynthia Banna Point of care testing
Breton Leshin Anthony Basilico RPG Game
Jennifer Li Ramona Skelly Consumer's and Producer's Surplus
Sheana Livingstone Kimberly Page Mock Trial Argument
Sandra Loranger Carol Panaccione  
Katherine Lucas Cindy Hansen Physiological Effects of Alcohol
Michelle Mariani Maddie Josephs VISA and VRSA: The scourge of the 21st century
Leonore McLarthy Rabbi Benjamin Lefkowitz Historical accuracy in film / Defining era
James O'Hearn Kevin Crawford Comparing Microsoft Vista Ultimate vs. Windows XP
Kaori Oneil Allison Petro Research about DNA
Barry Parks Star Ciccio Dance Music Financial Accounting Problem
Tracey Press Nancy Devane PDD- What is it?
Thania Ramirez Christine Fox Global warming: What can we do to protect out planet?
Marissa Rebello Cindy Hansen You think your house is clean?
Erica Rhodes Safiul Huda Effects of taxes on the economy
Sharon Robakiewicz William Pellicio US Social Policies on Native American Child Welfare
Gustavo Rodriguez Laurie Sherman Diluted memories
Jacqueline Russell Steve Forleo Life progression through film
Jacqueline Russell Robert Masse Career selection
Deirdre Salvas Catherine Norris Greek Pottery
Deirdre Salvas Cynthia Smith Aquatic Harmonies
Elaine Scott Dan Donovan Information technology's impact on discovery for litigation
Gerald Sena Safiul Huda Rice Market of the Philippines
Gerald Sena Safiul Huda Exports and imports of the Philippines
Gerald Shippee Nick Seviegney Monster! Monster!
Leonardo Sime Kristen Garvey Shakespeare in the 21st century
Courtney Spann R Kavanagh Elements of a workout
Joe Sullivan A. DiRuzzo Mediterranean cuisine with Christopher Columbus during the discovery of the Americas
David Sykes Michael Kelly Automating end-user input for a data driven application
Paula Taylor Catherine Norris Etruscan Art
Celso Teixeira Carol Panaccione An exploration of the works and life of Alexandre Dumas
Jacqueline Tetreault Carol Panaccione Examining the Arc de Triomphe
Joseph Verri William Pellicio Lakota people's law project
Alisha Walker Fred Colonies Does RI foster a healthy environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses?
Sean Wieboldt Gerald Browning Hollywood Spartans vs. Greek Spartans
Danielle Zin William Pellicio Lakota people's law project
Miranda Zinsser Dave Alfano The effects of music on short term memory

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