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Community College of Rhode Island

Fall 2008

The following projects are approved for the Fall 2008 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Kyle Bacon Randolph Blasing Memoirs of a Soldier
Stephanie Barbusci Gina Santoro Write a teachers book - supplemental guide
Stephanie Barbusci William Squizzero Investing Capital
Kathrynn Cabigting Stanley Spencer The uncontrollable aspect of marketing in a dynamic economy
Natasha Corkren Lisa Ethier Surreal Garden
Samantha Crowe Steve Forleo The unfiltered Lens
Elyssa Darosa Patricia Lucas Patient Care in Radiography: a Research Project
Ryan Duclos Randolph Blasing Study in short story composition
Chelsey Dumas Lillian Patterson Comparing school philosophies, charter, public, and private
Michele Dupuis-Clarke Arthur Ricci Social Host Laws (RI/MA)
Michele Dupuis-Clarke Jonathan Steele RI Attorney General Office
Nzinga Yasha Fitzgerald Melissa Marchacos Virus Replication
Benjamin Fosmoen Carol Panaccione La Veuve: A look at the role played by the guillotine during the French Revolution
Sherri Fournier Michelle Connolly Contemporary issues in Latin America
Megan Freitas Jacob Stott History and Development of Jazz
Brandon Gailliard Steve Forleo "Untitled" 60 second commercial
Matta Ghobreyal Kathleen Katic Informative Speech on Seatbelts
Karen Goodson C. Leblanc Adventures below the 22nd Parallel
Ron Haley Mike Kelly Mobile Database with Web Interface
Ron Haley Manny Correia Visio for your office and mobile workforce
Ron Haley John Lowry Local cable access interconnects social networking nationally
Elaine Harris Richard Pendola Delayed Sleep phase syndrome
Tinh Huynh Jack Owens Experiments with Viscosity
Patricia Isom Lisa Ethier African American Art
Heather Jacobe Raffaele Florio The idea of the west in the modern narrative
Shelly Jaseau David Vito Isolating Coliform Bacteria from the Environment
Heather Kassner Robert Douglass Formative Assessment Worksheets for Math 1430
Heather Kassner Laurie Sherman Beowulf in the 21st Century
Kyle King Steve Forleo "Untitled" 60 second commercial
Sarah Kinnaman Bill Johnson The effect of functioning surface area of the alveoli with COPD
Allison Knight David Vito Laboratory synthesis of disinfectant resistant bacterium
Adetoro Kottun Dan Donovan Off the record: Defendants rights v. the law
Adetoro Kottun Joe Parys Illusory: Criminal Justice System
Jean Lamb Linda Corrente Gray matters: Elderly substance abuse
Ebony Laprocina Joann Warren Servant leaders in our community
Ebony Laprocina Barbara Conti The American education gap and its effect on the Providence School District
Jacqueline LeFrancois Suzanne McCormack Charlotte Gilman and post-partum depression in early 20th century America
Ruth Lincoln Francine Knowles Evidence Based and Therapeutic Practices of a Residential Substance Abuse Center for Pregnant and Post-partum Women
Cathy Madden Cynthia Smith Art Inspired Color Palettes for Interior Design
Greg Mallozzi Steve Forleo "Untitled" 60 second commercial
Kimberly Manchester Kathleen Beauchene The online student's guide to the galaxy: A navigational guide to distance learning
Chris Mancini Dennis Najarian Does Hippocrates deserve the title "father of medicine"?
Menlee Mansue Eric Siegel DeJure: National and state government educational policies
Menlee Mansue Wayne Solomom Liberia, hope on the horizon?
Nicole Marcucci Raffaele Florio Historical analysis of the properties on the Snake Den state Park
Michelle Mariana Maddie Josephs The Plague - The Neglected Disease
Andrew Mattera Lisa Ethier Drawing's Role in Sculpting
Kaitlin Maynard Kira Trainor Past present and fracture fairy tales
Kaitlin Maynard Nancy Fuller The history of the RI Deaf community
Elizabeth McAuliffe Bert Silverberg Creating and Performing a Solo Play
Leonore McCarthy Tina Tryforos Urban RI
Kevin Mendes Karen Anderson Teaching critical thinking
Christopher Menihan Carlton Hastings Motivation and function of street art
Ariana Meyer David Vito The affects of acid rain on cucumber plants
Jennifer Moffat David Vito Hormone Auxin's Affect on Plant Growth - Apical Dominance
Jennifer Moffat Ed Zuromski Risk factors for rehospitalization in depression
Nichole Molloy Dennis Ricci Artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia
Michael Mosco Mark Zellers Thrown Vessels
Lindsay Nousch David Vito Laboratory synthesis of antibiotic resistance bacterium
Kathleen Ogni Katie Grinnell Neural feedback therapy and ADHD
Ayodeji Olusola Maddie Josephs Tiny mosquitoes with gigantic catastrophe illness
Kaori Oneil David Vito Prevent food poisoning with plants - Wasabi, ginger and mustard
Marisa Paliotta Ken Lyon How to Use PowerPoint
Shanna Palmisano Richard Marchetti Humanistic theory: Law of attraction
Shanna Palmisano Anthony Amore Fears we face in America
Ariana Parent Isabel Trombetti Neglective Learning
Raquel Perdomo Steve Forleo "Untitled" 60 second commercial
Donna Powers Dan Donovan What is temporary disability insurance?
Donna Powers Joe Parys The history of the Rehnquist court
Saima Qamar David Vito Learning the principle of biotechnology
Kellie Randall Rita Price 3rd Grade bulletin board concepts
Rebecca Reis Steve Forleo "Untitled" 60 second commercial
Sarah Reiter Marco Enriquez-Bernau Environmental conservation through engineering in Latin America
Erica Rhodes John Dougherty Economic platforms of the Presidential candidates
Ondrea Robinson Randolph Blasing The Gwendolyn Brooks Project
Jennifer Roderick Thomas Asermely The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants
Jennifer Roderick Karen Kortz The Sliding Rocks
Evan Rodman Brendan Britton Gamma ray bursts: Our current theories and understanding
Evan Rodman Jeff Taylor Real world application of systems of equations and linear regression
Cassidy Sandberg Suzanne McCormack Women in History: Nancy Elizabeth Prophet a RI Artist
Wendy Schilling Leigh Karem SANE: Its Beginnings and How It Has Affected Sexual Assault Patients
Wendy Schilling Debra St. Pierre Antibiotic Resistance in Microorganisms
Jessica Schloesser Amanda Santo The telephone by Gian Carlo Menotti
Elaine Scott Arthur Ricci Persuasive Argument for laws for banning the use of cell phones while driving
Gerald Sena Laurie Sherman Life of Aeschylus
Gerald Sena Cecile Roberti Analysis of the Google corporation
Jacob Shidler Al Craig Anti-microbial effects of allicin
Gerald Shippee Yvonne Leonard Legends in illustration
Erin Smithers Safiul Huda The paradox of consumption
Erin Smithers Robert Feinberg Church and state: Then and today
Catherine Spinella Gerry Brousseau The Multiculture Workplace: An Employer's Challenge
Amy Silva Karen Montgomery Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction in Relation to Low Back Pain
Amy Silva Fatima Khadar The Rise of Electronic Medical Record Use in the Medical Profession
Kelly Rae Stoddard Peter Nulton The Hagia Sophia: History of an Iconic Building
Jahaira Torres Jonathan Sylvia Model Study Series
Jahaira Torres Cynthia Smith Texture Study Series (Still Life)
Brittany Vespia Lisa Ethier Textile Design
Heather Vieira Steve Forleo "Untitled" 60 second commercial
Charles West Browning Mandatory ethics courses for middle schools: A criminal justice perspective
Lynn Wirth Yvonne Leonard Passionate burst
Susannah Wittwer David Vito Avian flu as a public health concern in RI
Qin Yang Carol Annarino Financial research of Summer Olympics in Beijing
Emily Young Joe Parys Civil action: A review
Emily Young Paul Dutra The OJ Simpson trial: the good, the bad, and the ugly

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