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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2007

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2007 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Kyle Beausoleil Jim Isherwood Apple: A rising tribute
Kyle Beausoleil Karen Kortz How we know the behavioral differences of different dinosaurs
Amanda Blanchette Millie Blessing Changing Family Structure: Homosexual Parenting
Jessica Braga James Isherwood Cumberland Housing Authority - How it is able to generate enough profit to help those in need
Jessica Braga Gary Bower Credit Reports and Scores
John Buchanan Susie Swenson Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite
John Buchanan Sasha Ruggieri Beowolf: A Historical and Literary Perspective
Barbara Butler Brenda McGill Does 10,000 steps per day equal weight loss?
Christine Callaghan Stanley Bisikirski Recreation of Japanese Historical Dress
Bryan Caruolo M.M. D'Evelyn Some aspects of the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo
Bryan Caruolo Jon Lu Hitler and his demise (WWII)
Eric Cash David Alfano Humor as a Treatment for Stress and Depression
Eric Cash Denise Turgeon Stress! What it is and you you can take charge
Maha Chamseddine M. Kelly Integrate the office tools into an application
Maha Chamseddine Michelle Thomson Sewage effect on habitat in Aquidnic Island
Lindsay Christopher Anthony Amore The Realism of Oscar Wilde's Life Through Basin Hallward of "The Picture of Dorian Grey"
Christine Cioe Anthony Amore Character analysis of how Dorian Grey's personality changed throughout the book
Lorry Gail Cieri Robyn Younkin The Decline of the South and Tennessee Williams
Lorry Gail Cieri Edrex Fontanilla We Have Taken Control (and it's not pretty)
Heather Cundy Lynne Andreozzi-Fontaine The Autism/Mercury Controversy -- Does Mercury Contribute to the Development of Autism?
Christine Dale Thomas Morrissey Comparative study: Line and value in drawing
Delia Daza Jay Lee Chemosynthesis at Deep Sea Vents
Delia Daza Karen Kortz Causes of the Permian Mass Extinction and Its Recovery
Tory Daines Cheri Markward Tory Daines' Honors Recital
Tory Daines Cheri Markward "Miniature Concerto" mov. 1-4 by Alec Rowley, violin solo by Tory Daines
Jessica Degiacomo Carol Panaccione Picture Dictionary English-French
Melany DeClercq Maureen Kelman 3-D Found-Object Container
Christopher Diana John Every Twentieth Century Crossroads: Industrialization and the New Urban Reality
Chris DiZio Valerie LeVasseur The Criminal Mind
Sandra Dourado Laura Valetutto Multicultural Math Systems
Sandra Dourado R. Blasing Elizabeth Bishop - Poet for a Lifetime
Chelsey Duman Robyn Younkin Outstanding children and the influences on their academic performance
Luis Estrada Daniel Donovan Federal Court Electronic Discovery
Luis Estrada Daniel Donovan Social host to include surrounding states
Julie Felci Carol Panaccione A walk through the life of "Der Kleine Prinz" by Antoine de St. Exupery
Julie Felci Carol Panaccione An In-depth Historical Exploration of Hohenschwangau
Karen Finn Jennifer DeFrance Resiliency in young children
Lisa Forbes David Vito Charting the eye color in hybrid fruit flies
Jessica Gadoury Lynne Andreozzi-Fontaine The cognitive, emotional, and social affects of advertising on children
Kristyn Golomb Josephine Pino Global Warming's Effect on Arctic Biology
Karen Goodson Catherine Norris A History of Mosaic Techniques
Lindsay Gordon Carol Panaccione An Exploration of French Cuisine
Lee Grossgoth Emily Burns An Overview of Paleomagnetism
Lee Grossgoth Carol Panaccione Exploration of My German Ancestry
Jennifer Grossman Bert Silverberg Exploring tolerance through writing an original one-act play
Sarah Harnedy Carol Panaccione An Exploration of Contemporary Paris
Jennie Hogue Rita Shiff The Food Timing Diet by Mike Adams - An Analytical Overview
Abigail Holmes Jaclynne Laxon Stem Cell Research
Abigail Holmes David Vito Local forest population density
Matthew Huntley Joseph Parys The Criminal Justice System Examined
Matthew Huntley Steven Murray Comparison of Policing on the State and Local Level
Elizabeth Jackson Sheila Feeny The Affects of Television on Adolescence
Rachael Johnson Ray Harris Sociology of Adolescent Suicide
Wayne Keil Gary Bower Writing and Decision Making, Peachtree Computerized Software
Sarah Lawson Jeffrey Butterworth The art and history of special occasion fans
Sarah Lawson Thomas Morrissey Combine traditional and digital media to create hybrid artwork
Alejandra Levant Steve Stracensky Company Analysis
Alejandra Levant Anthony Amore Character analysis on Dorien Grey and how the other characters perceive him
Ruth Lincoln Karen Corry Care of the Dying Patient
Robert Macaux Pam Young Photographic collage of Bob's ceramic pieces
Jacqueline Marshall Richard Marchetti Effects of Mental Disorders
Jacqueline Marshall Marieanna Pape Works of Sylvia Plath
Tina McVeigh Charles Lehourites Computers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Tina McVeigh Dennis Ricci History Through Hollywood - Facts vs. Fiction
Michelle Messier Sheila Feeny Adolescent Egocentrism
Michelle Messier Raymond Kilduff Aspergers Syndrome
Daniel Mitchell David Alfano The Cult Experience: Mind Control at Its Worst
Kaori Oneil Dina Levitre Stem Cell Research
Azade Perin Alex Russo Bolivian Societal Development Since the 1600s
Jason Poethke Joanne Warren PCLI: An expanded case study and business plan
Jason Poethke Joanne Warren A Day in the Life of an HR Professional
Lorene Quaranta Fatima Devine Homeless in Rhode Island - Child abuse and the effects it has on our children
Erica Rhodes John Renza Investment Portfolio
Erica Rhodes Stephen Broman Compare and contrast two publicly traded companies
Robert Ricciutti Edmond Zuromski A.S.P. Where has it gone?
Vanessa Richards Catherine Norris Art History in 3 Dimensional Honors Project
Eric Richardson Carol Panaccione The Historical Importance of German U-Boats During World War II and the Use of British Intelligence to Stop German U-Boat Attacks
Gerald Roberts Vern Mace MP3 Files and Players - What They Are and How They Work
Linda Rossi Langdon Clough An Analysis of Women in Rhode Island and Their Poverty Levels
Nicholas Simmons Rachel Munoz The Math of Blood Pressure
Athena Sirignano Valerie LeVasseur Dialectical behavior therapy on stress, health, and coping
Ashley Spivla Steve Kadelski DNA in the crime solving process
Ashley Spivla Daniel Donovan Emotional Distress Torts in New England States
Gretchen Stanton Carol Panaccione An Exploration of the Architectural Marvel: The Kolner Dom (the Cologne Cathedral)
Melissa Stephenson Kimberly Ann Page Homicide in Rhode Island
David Swenson Mark Zellers Ceramic glazes and exploration of forms
Nathan Tamba Stephen Broman All About Sarbanes-Oxley
Paula Taylor Michelle Caya The Addictive Quality of Cigarettes in Today's Market
Paula Taylor Cynthia Smith Pentacost Ministerial Stole
Edgar Weidele R. Angell Extensive Argument Paper with MLA Documentation
Edgar Weidele Karen Kortz Biology of fish caught in Narragansett Bay
Sean Wieboldt Bruce Bennet Environmental History

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