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Community College of Rhode Island

Fall 2007

The following projects are approved for the Fall 2007 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Gina Acosta William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Jessica Betters Steven Morgenweck Influences of Parents/Guardians on the Socialization Process of Their Children
Lise Bissonnette William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Amanda Blanchette Jann Douglas Bell Judaism and Muslim Religious and Cultural Differences
Amanda Blanchette Susan Gorelick The Greenhouse Effect Analogy
Michael Boucher William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Michelle Bourgeois Natalie Coletta Chinese Art Literati Painters
Evelyn Braxton William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Meghan Broadfield Yvonne Leonard Peace
Meghan Broadfield Yvonne Leonard Color me Crazy
John Buchanan Stanley Bisikirski Division Under the Sun: The Hidden war between the Japanese Navy and Japanese Army
Mary Burch Les Hemmings Study of symbolism, allegory, and imagery in Pan's Labyrinth
Mary Burch Michelle Connolly English language learners in Special Ed classes
Heather Butler Steven Kuada Specific performance: Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it
Kathryn Cabigting Dan Donovan E-contract and E-signature Laws
Christine Callaghan Maureen Kelman Hand dyed textiles in fashion design
Eric Cash Bruce Bennett Carbon dioxide sequestration
Eric Cash Lynne Andreozzi Language and behavioral development among feral children
Sarah Chamberlain Paula Marcello Childhood obesity in the US
Maha Chamseddine Susan Gorelick The Greenhouse Effect Analogy
Maha Chamseddine Allison Petro Female heroes in the literature of the Islamic world
Maha Chamseddine Natalie Coletta Architecture of Baalbele, Lebanon
Courtney Choquette John Worsley A Child Analyzed From the Eyes of Kahut
Melissa Cooper Langdon Clough History of Women on the R.I. State Police: Overcoming Barriers and Creating Opportunities
Christian Dale Thomas Morrissey Light and the artist
Jeremy D'Ambra Maureen Kelman Exploration and innovation with indigo and denim textiles
Rebecka Davis William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Elizabeth DeConno Thomas Morrissey Lola Trinity DeConno, the First Six Months
Elizabeth DeConno Anthony Silva The Laci Peterson Trial, Circumstantial Evidence Made the Case
Franni Diaz William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Phyllis Dolcy Jean Billerbeck Ways in which America maintain its carrying capacity without depriving other nations
Phyllis Dolcy Amanda DeAngelis The implications of generic advancement of finding cures for generic diseases
Matthew Dube Steve Lajoie Honors concert
Matthew Dube Steve Lajoie Study in effectiveness of ear training software
Chelsey Dumas Rita Price A deeper look at teen pregnancy
Karen Finn Nancy Fuller Deaf awareness: Can society hear them?
Katrina Fontes Denise Yordy The Autism-Vaccine Link
Lisa Fortier Michael Pellegrino The History of Slavery and the Connection Between American Consumerism and Modern Global Slave Labor
Jessica Gadoury David Alfano An exploration of dependent personality disorder
Jessica Gadoury Art Little Perceived persuasive influence of the media
Kristyn Golomb Donald Fontes Zoonoses: Nature retaliating against us?
Karen Goodson Marco Enriques The Mystery of the Nazca lines
Brian Hawkins Fred Colonies A non-profit business plan that targets the developing youth of communities
Brian Hawkins Jim Isherwood Expensive college books and other alternatives
Matthew Huntley Joseph Parys Analysis of the use of evidence in civil action
Marian Iddhosa Denise Yordy Pathology of the Reproductive System - Male and Female
Elizabeth Jackson Paula Marcello No child left behind… Or are they?
Michelle Jennings David Vito Borrelia burgdorferi - Behavior in vivo
Ronald Jones Safiul Huda The impact of small business on the economy
Ronald Jones Robert Hallberg Green Products
Philippe LeBlanc Joann Fede Case studies on the progression of alcoholism in school age children
Mary Leroux Theresa Dickinson Progression of dialysis therapy
Mary Leroux Laura Valetutto The history of calendars
William Lange Maureen Kelman Textile design and the layering process
Alejandra Levant Joann Warren An examination of leadership in non-profit/for profit organizations
Ruth Lincoln Dale Powis Peritoneal and hemodialysis for the patient with kidney failure
Ruth Lincoln L Meyer Pain control for the cancer patient
Michelle Mariani Maddie Josephs Positive autoantibodies before the onset of symptoms in systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Vanessa Martins Maria Mansella Holidays and Traditions in Italian Cultures
Anja McCall Don Paquet Access Office 2007
Anja McCall Jack Dougherty Review of "The world is flat"
Jessica McKay Carol Patnaude Helping Young Children in Crisis
Jessica McKay Natalie Coletta The Rise of Mary in Romanesque Art
Tina McVeigh Linda Hassoun Making a Difference for Matthew
Kevin Mendes David Vito Effectiveness of enzymes at different pH levels and temperatures
Kevin Mendes Allison Petro Critical analysis of literature from Japanese and Medieval time periods
Beth Miller Audrey Kaiser Clara Wieck Schumann: Her life, passions and accomplishments
Lina Montoya Gary Bower Importance of Business Ethics
Abigail Nilsson Susan Reilly Analysis and critique of a novel
Jennifer O'Laughlin Laura Valetutto The fall of Hippasus
Jennifer O'Laughlin David Alfano What turns you on?
Kaori Oneil Michael Kelly Use of Alice to develop interesting 3-D environments
Sophia Portunato Joseph Parys How the mob beat the feds
Lorene Quaranta J. Pavone Labeling the Children of Society
Marissa Rebello Cindy Hansen Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Benjamin Rittmann Nancy Wyllie Painting in the round
Jennifer Roderick Emily Burns As Deep as Mariana Can See!
Jennifer Roderick Dennis Ricci The Ancient Egyptian Times
Melanie Rolfsema Denise Yordy The Rethal Connection
Sharon Robakiewicz Linda Corrente The connection between psychiatric disorders and criminal behavior
Jacqueline Russell Richard Marchetti Effective teaching equals effective learning
Deirdre Salvas Catherine Norris Learning from the past
Deirdre Salvas Cynthia Smith Aquatic life paintings
Elaine Scott Joseph Parys A comparison of justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Ginsburg
Jason Sherratt William Pelliccio Lakota people's law project: Indian child welfare
Gerald Shippee Nick Sevigny Visual storytelling through the comic strip
Nicholas Simmons Rita Shiff The Ossification of Bones Through Age and Damage
Melissa Stephenson Dan Donovan ADA: Americans with disabilities act
Andrea Symonds Michael Pellegrino Reconstruction: An Unfinished Revolution
Andrea Symonds Cassandra Brewer Comparison and Understanding of Car Insurance Policies (Companies)
Paula Taylor Cynthia Smith Colors and the Different Ways We Perceive Them
Celso Teixeira Carol Pannaccione An exploration of Le Theatre de Moliere
Celso Teixeira Art Little Reciprocity of experimental and evaluation design
Jacqueline Tetreault Carol Pannaccione An exploration of typical French customs and traditions
Alan Tracy Thomas Morrissey Baby's New Building Blocks
Katherine Valdivia Jeffrey Butterworth Hindu make-up reaction
Sara Walsh Suzanne McCormack Women in History
Melissa Whitelaw Jon Lu Women in China: Past and Present
Sean Wieboldt Charles McGrath World wide effects and origins of the world's most popular sport
Sean Wieboldt Jean Billerbeck Environmental volunteerism
Miranda Zinsser David Alfano Dissociative identity disorder: A look inside
Miranda Zinsser Michelle Connolly Mexican wedding traditions

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