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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2006

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2006 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Sheila Auguste Henry Donnelly Career Development
Brittany Ballou John Rapczak The comparison of marketing strategies used by the four main wireless providers
Brittany Ballou M. L. Berard Comparison of Marketing Strategies: Cell Phone Industries
Amber Brooks D. Turgeon Food and Mood
Amber Brooks J. Every Exploring King Philip's War
Bryan Caruolo William Geary REM Sleep Behavior Disorder -- Legal Aspects
Renee Coletta Lillian Paterson March of Character
Jeanne Conrad Karen Montgomery Prions: Mechanism and Threat to Public Health
Lisa Cordeiro Michael DeSimone Pros and Cons - A Discussion of a NH DNA Database and the 4th Amendment
Lisa Cordeiro Ellen Mroz Bang Bang You're Dead - Crime and Law in Children's Literature
Jonathan Costa Michelle Connolly Influence of the Columbian Cartels in Columbia
Abel daCorte Elizabeth Morais Poesia en Espanol
Abel daCorte Rebecca Clark Illustrations for "Poesia en Espanol"
Christine D'Amore Karen Montgomery Effects of Caffeine on the Body
Tina Davis Alan Gousie ALS and the impact it has on real life
Julie Felci Maria Mansella La Reggia di Caserta from 1750-Modern Italy
Julie Felci Carol Panaccione An Exploration of the Life and Works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Meredyth-Eryn Flynn Bert Silverberg The Light in the Piazza: From Page to Stage
Jason Garrahan Mark England Into the Serial Killer's Mind: The Motivational Attributes of a Serial Killer
Rionda Geraldes Dr. Cheney ADHD and Alternative Therapies
Matta Ghobreyal J. Glickman Coptic Christians in Egypt
Matta Ghobreyal Isabel Trombetti Psychological factors that influence the nervous system throughout adulthood
Matta Ghobreyal Andrew Savchenko Comparative economic performance in the US and European countries
Virginie Gimenez Robyn Younkin Being a Knight Templar During the Medieval Ages
Katherine Erin Greene Dan Donovan Liquor liability in New England for a social host
Simone Grieco Joseph Amante American choral music and an analysis of John Corigliano's "Fern Hill"
Jacqueline Guarino Doreen Bramley Theatre in Motion
Jacqueline Guarino Jean Billerbeck Dissection & Examination of Vertebrate Anatomy: Skulls of Members of the Family Canidae
Elizabeth Healey James Isherwood Online persistent worlds: How the economics of online games impact the "real" economy
Jennie Hogue Rob Desrosiers The Dangers of Dieting
Michaela Humphrey Jon Lu The Life and Criticism of Antonio Gaudi
Silifat Iliasu Elizabeth Raky The Effect of Civilization of Nigerian Culture
Silifat Iliasu Marieanna Pape Characteristics of Nigerian Short Stories
Ashley Keenan Dr. Alfano A Case Study of Sleep Apnea: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
Renee LaBonte Randolph Blasing Short Story Portfolio
Heather Lemme-Whorf Karen Kortz Tornado Early Warning Systems
Daniel Martin Jeffrey Butterworth Salome
Daniel Martin Maureen Kelman Ophelia
Frank Mazza Renee Anderson Short Story - Fiction
Frank Mazza Dennis Najarian The Origins of the American Bill of Rights
Brian McCracken Gary Bower Accounting Practices of the 1990's/2000 Vs. Accounting Practices of the 1920's/1930's
Michelle Mercure Steven Forleo Hamlet: A View from All Angles - An Analysis of the Plays Various Adaptations onto Film
Michelle Mercure Carol Panaccione The History of "Le Restaurant" -- the Story Behind the Name
Beth Miller JoAnn Warren Outsourcing and the Ramifications on America's Workers
Beth Miller Billy Collins E.A. Poe's "Marie Roget" and the Real Mary C. Rogers Case It Was Based on
Dylan Moore Carol Panaccione A biography of Jacques DeMolay
Dylan Moore Natalie Coletta The Coliseum, Rome
Steven Ortiz Carol Panaccione Principaute de Monaco: The Principality of Monaco
Steven Ortiz Stanley Bisikirski Banzai: The Ideology of the Japanese Military of World War II
Jennifer Passarella Jamie O'Connor The Hands Progress
Jason Poethke Lee Chartier Developing an International Marketing Plan
Jason Poethke Carol Panaccione An Immigrants' Story: My Family's Journey from Germany to America
Lorene Quarantu Jerry Hatfield The many faces of abuse: A cultural perspective
Amber Robbins Karen Montgomery Blood Collection and Processing: The mechanics, the molecular effects, and the uses
Jennie Sandahl Susan Fossati Different Aspect of Warwick City Hall
Elaine Scott Kimberly Charbonneau Comparative Analysis of the Juvenile Death Penalty
Mary-Eliza Schmidt Nancy Devane Existence: How and Why, the Omnidivisible Relationship Between X and Y
Olga Shevchenko Charles Sullivan Investigating Emily Dickinson's poetry in depth
Olga Shevchenko Carlo Marandola An Interactive Website with Graphics, Sound, and Video Filters
James Silva Glenn Browning Water: Keep It out of Corporate Hands
Melissa Stephenson Steven Forleo Robert Browning
Thomas Stepp Steven Rooney ACL Rehab
Nathan Tamba Michelle O'Brien How to Start a Small Business in Rhode Island
Nathan Tamba Rita Turcotte A study of contracts involved in purchasing a home in Rhode Island
Monica Vacca Jay Lee Study in High Key Lighting
Jeffrey Whitman Michael Kelly Web based interface for user specified information system
Jessica Wright Anthony Silva Improvised explosive devices
Jessica Wright David Vito DNA Gel Electrophoresis
Marie Yattara Carol Krause-Ferraioli Status of Women in French Realism
Marie Yattara Anthony Baker Comparative Analysis of Small Businesses in Rhode Island

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