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Community College of Rhode Island

Fall 2006

The following projects are approved for the Fall 2006 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Jamie Arnold Carol Panaccione An Exploration of the Historical Development of "Haute Couture" in France
Sarah Branco David Alfano The progress of mental health services within a local treatment facility
Sarah Branco Denise Turgeon How does the foster care system affect a child's social skills later on in life?
Jennifer Brewer William MacPherson The History of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
John Buchanan Linda Ramey The Truth About the Darkness of T. C. Boyle
Colin Cappelano Joseph Allen Analysis Tools for Tracking Missiles
Christine Chito Susie Swenson Honors Recital - Contemporary Works for Guitar
Lindsey Christopher Hossiri Godo-Solo Bull Fighting, Nationalism and Globalization
Renee Coletta Lillian Patterson Now Where?
Renee Coletta Lillian Patterson Lessons They'll Love to Learn
Jeanne Conrad Rosemary Prisco An Analysis of the Popular Works of Susan Vreeland
Jeanne Conrad Gerald Browning The Marine Chronometer - The Key to Unlocking Navigation at Sea: The History of Longitude in Aiding European Expansion in the 18th Century
Cassandra Cooney Bel Kambach Must See Places in Argentina
Tory Daines Raffaele Florio Louis IIV and the Influence of Music During His Reign
Tory Daines Christopher Brooks The Modern Violin: 500 Years in the Making
Delia Daza Karen Montgomery Relationship Between Structures of Alimentary Canal and Their Function Using Histological Preparations
Delia Daza Karen Kortz Submitting Results for Professional Presentation of Sediment Analysis of Narragansett Bay
Melany DeClercq Yvonne Leonard Self-Determined Final Assignment
Jessica Deqiacomo Carol Panaccione Away in Paris
Sandra Dourado E. Bucacci The facets of feminism revealed in Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate
Sandra Dourado Ira Schaeffer "The Unconventional Childhood" - a compilation of poetry and growth
Brendon Duprey James Glickman Faust and Modernism
Brendon Duprey Al Craig Evolution as a Social Paradigm
Debra Dyer Heather Singleton Travel Agency Business Plan
Daniel Dyer Heather Singleton Travel Agency Business Plan
Karen Finn Paula Marcello Breastfeeding Vs. Bottle Feeding
Lindsay Gordon Carol Panaccione An Exploration of Haiti: Historical and Contemporary Haiti
William Hall A. Baynes Mill Building Construction and Mill Fire Characteristics
Sarah Harnedy Carol Panaccione An Exploration of Nursing Practices in France
Daniel Hartery Robert Feinberg The Influence of Alexander the Great upon Western Civilization
Diana Hemphill Mark Zellers Ceramic Fountain
Diana Hemphill Randolph Blasing A Folio of Short Stories
Jennie Hogue Bruce Bennett Success of surfactant therapy with survanta, etc.
Abigail Holmes Harry Redfearn When, Where, Why: War
Elizabeth Jackson Regina Trafficante Does Having a Child at Different Ages Contribute Different Kinds of Stress?
Elizabeth Jackson Paula Marcello Common and Unique Stressors for Children in Different Family Environments
Celine Jacquenod-Garcia Bel Kambach Salvado Dali
Eric Johnsen Joseph Allen Analysis Tools for Tracking Missiles
Jeremy Klein Joseph Allen Analysis Tools for Tracking Missiles
Sarah Lawson Yvonne Leonard Book or Game Design
Sarah Lawson Jeffrey Butterworth Animal Faces
Steven Lessard Jr. Joseph Allen Analysis Tools for Tracking Missiles
Amanda Lewis John Every The Life of George Sears Greene
Anja McCall JoAnn Warren The Impact of Outsourcing and Offshoring on Organizational Effectiveness
Xiomara Monge Cynthia Smith Color Identification
Kaori Oneil Allison Petro Impact of pediatric illness on families
Mary Oyekoya Wendy Pelto Forensic Anthropology
Mary Oyekoya Manny Terezakis Elemental Composition of the Stars
Paul Pabon Joseph Allen Analysis Tools for Tracking Missiles
Carlos Parada Michelle Connolly Education, Not Deportation
Jennifer Passarella Regina Cobb Outlook on Massage
Jack Peloquin Frank Taylor Study of Concentric Zone Theory
Lorene Quaranta William Pellicio Linking Theories of Substance Abuse and Interpersonal Violence... A Review of the Literature
Charles Reis G. Gormley The Works of HP Lovecraft and Their Influence of Modern Pop Culture
Lauryn Marie Rita Sheila Feeny Detecting Learning Disabilities Early Leads to Satisfaction Later
Daniel Salone Steven Murray The Bill of Rights (2nd Amendment)
Mary-Eliza Schmidt Ron Schertz This Is Truth
Rachael Silva Belkis Kambach The Voice of the Latina Writer in the U.S.
Rachael Silva Langdon Clough Changing Perceptions Regarding Sexuality: The Resurgence of Adult Novelty Home Parties
Cara Spry Lewis Royal Stem Cell Research
Cara Spry Kathleen Blade The Effects of Smoking on the Human Body
Melissa Ann Stephenson Joseph Parys Anarchy and the Life of Emma Goldman
David Swenson Mark Zellers Ceramic Vessels
Robin Tenney Chris Prazeres The Justice System in Rhode Island
Leslie Towle Bel Kambach The works of Julia Alvarez, a vehicle of enlightenment
Paulo Vieira Yvonne Leonard Book and Game Design
Edgar Weidele Marcel Berard Marketing Intern at Trinity Repertory Company
Edgar Weidele John Rapczak The Economic Impact of Government Fishing Quotas on the Rhode Island Economy
Matthew Woodbury Lee Chartier Development of Marketing Communications Project - International Scope
Matthew Woodbury JoAnn Warren Outcomes of Crisis Management
Miranda Zinsser R. Schertz Effects of physical attractiveness and helping behavior

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