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Community College of Rhode Island

Spring 2005

The following projects are approved for the Spring 2005 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Doina Abukarma Jonathan Sharlin Getting to know you
Frank Agostinelli L. Emery Neolithic Revolution: Mesopotamia and China
Gregory Amend Debra Lilli Through the Voice's Eyes
Amy Amerantes Jay Lee Art in Providence
Danielle Aube Maureen Kelman Medium Transfer
Sheila Auguste Doreen Bramley How to prepare and present yourself at a job interview
Elizabeth Bevilacqua Maddie Josephs Q Fever and Its Implications with Humans
Melyssa Beaudry Robert Delaney Marketing planning applied to a media portfolio
Robert Bender David Alfano Phobias: Causes, Treatment and Application to Individual Case Studies
Laurie Bickhart Lillian Patterson The Wilson Reading System
Laurie Bickhart Paula Marcello The Profile of Bullies and Their Victims
Linda Bobola Al Graig Virus and AIDS
Kristine Bonetti Bob Delaney Psychographic Survey and Analysis for Ocean Photo
Danielle Botts G. Renza Walt Disney Financial Analysis
Nikki Bouchard Karen Kortz Investigation of Apis mellifera in microgravity
Judy Boudreaux J. Parys Potter Stewart - Supreme Court Justice
Emily Brockway Susan Apshaga Women in 19th Century British Literature
Amber Brooks Nancy Millard Wave mechanics and big wave riding
Amber Brooks Ray Amore The Anatomy of a Lie
Megan Brown Jon Sharlin Environmental Portraits
John Buchanan Paul Archetto Muhammad
Christina Campagnone Langdon and D. Clough Sociology in the Health Care System
JoAnn Capaldi Linda Hassoun Teaching Techniques and Their Effectiveness in the Classroom
Sopheap Chea Monica Lee Memory function
Elizabeth Cook Neil Pothier The role of Coenzyme Q10 in ATP synthesis
Elizabeth Cook Phil Miller Variant Analysis
Kate Costa Sheila Feeney Developmental Struggles of Pregnant Teenagers
Kerri Lynn Costa Ed McEntee Eating Disorders
Hannah Crutchfield Raymond Kilduff The causes, progression, and treatments (past to current investigational) of Bipolar mood disorders, types I and II
Hannah Crutchfield Luis Malaret Harvesting techniques and uses for stem cells
Hannah Crutchfield Karen Kortz Investigation of Apis mellifera in microgravity
Melissa Curran Joseph Parys Today's Law Enforcement: Excessive Force and Racial Profiling
Melissa Curran Rita Turcotte The Patriot Act: Restrictions on Constitutional Liberties
Jennifer Del Sesto Maria Mansella Tracing my roots back to Italy
Julio Del Sesto Paul Macaruso Egocentric thinking as related to religious practices and beliefs
Gordon Dell Mike Kelly Database conversion and transfer
Kevin Dello Iacono Anthony DiRuzzo The Miracle of Lanciano
Kevin Dello Iacono Betty Thomson Conquering math anxiety
Debra Duquette Laurie Sherman A Simplified Tartuffe - Modified for Liston Campus Drama Club
Meredyth-Eryn Flynn Steve Forleo The Ultimate Chick Flick - Filming Shakespeare's Women
Erica Fogarty Charlotte Kent Modifying secondary math curriculum to meet the needs of Special Education inclusion students
Jason Garralian Michael DeSimone Criminal Justice System
Rionda Geraldes Victoria Nally Economic Implications of International Trade
Nick Grabosky I. Trombetti The Meaning of Dreams: Major Theories Compared and Contrasted
Nick Grabosky Anthony Leone The drinking age and the constitution
Alvin Graham Anthony Basilico The Future of Netware 6 (Novell)
Katherine Greene Joseph Parys William O. Douglas
William Hall Andy Baynes Residential Sprinklers
William Hall Andy Baynes Implementing NFPS 1710 in the Town of Coventry, RI
Scott Hamel Richard Jadevick Cleft palates and cleft lips - A major birth defect society knows little about
Scott Hamel Jo-Ann Fede Ideal Teacher
Stacy Hayes JoAnn Warren Atkins: Low-Carb, High ?
Kristen Hood Sue Apshaga Religion, Literature, and Genocide
Renee Jarest Bruce Bennett The effects of psychotropic medications on children
Meredith LaBove Jean Billerbeck Advanced readings in cellular biology
Kristen Lahteine-
Natalie Coletta The Sheela na Gig: Traditional Irish Idol
Aleksandra Lapinski Y. Leonard Book of game design
Steven Magnanti Fran Ingersoll MRSA: Why is this killer bug becoming more prevalent among athletes?
Lindsey Marquis Donna Lizotte Swish it Up! The effects of mouthwash on oral bacteria
S. Marshall Steve Forleo Screenplay about the life of immigrants in America
Courtney Martin Carol Panaccione A day in the life of German literature: A closer look at German literature and the life of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Daniel Martin Yvonne Leonard 2-D illustration and books
Daniel Martin Cynthia Smith Hand dyed fabrics as a garment
Gisele McKenna-Duval Joanne Fede Characteristics and needs of the special child
Natalie Mello Ernest Lavigne Exonerated: DNA analysis
Michelle Mynatt Gary Barten Multiform Visual Arts
Lori Nadrowski Dr. Royal Lou Gehrig's Disease - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS
Jenyo Olufunmilayo Victoria Nally The relationship between inflation and unemployment
Juan Osorio Thomas Whitfield Temperature Power Generator
Piper O'Sullivan Nancy Millard The geologic history of Rhode Island
Mary Oyekoya Steve Forleo Analysis for speech
Mary Oyekoya Prof. Goldman Harlem Renaissance
Andrea Pannoni Jeffery Butterworth Empire Period
Andrea Pannoni William Pellicio Prescription drug abuse
Sandra Pellegrino Gerald Ratigan Employment law vs. labor law
Lisa Perron Rita Turcotte Constitutional Implications of the Patriot Act
Lisa Perron Anthony Leone Religious Liberties
Christine Petrarca Carol Panaccione An In-Depth Exploration of the Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke
Yolene Pierre Rigas Papagolos Divorce and after
Vanessa Richards Gary Barten The visual arts relationship of form and function
Sarah Roberge Raymond Kilduff Obsessive compulsive disorder
Roberto Rodriguez Prof. Whitfield Technical writing paper
Sharlena Smith Rosanne Badway Eddy, a special learner
Tim Stebenne Jennifer Antes The art of ancient Egypt
Tim Stebenne Ramona Skelly Marginal cost/revenue applied to a business model
Thomas Stepp William Johnson ACL injury differences between men and women
Victoriya Trofimova Mark Zellers Organic composition vase
Monica Vacca Jay Lee Statue Study
Tara Vito Karen Kortz Investigation of Apis melifera in microgravity
Jeanine Walker Karen Montgomery Sickle Cell Anemia and African American Prevalence
Jeanine Walker Jerry Tripp Facets of Autism - Dx and Treatment
Tami Ward T. Whitfield Analysis of coastal water in Narragansett Bay
Tami Ward Laura Valetotto Probability and odds at casinos, games of chance and the numbers involved
Shannon Williams Raffaele Florio Manorial Life for Women in the Middle Ages

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