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Community College of Rhode Island

Fall 2005

The following projects are approved for the Fall 2005 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Frank Agostinelli Derek Wesley Vladimir Ilyitch Lenin
Jamie Arnold Maureen Kelman The Various Techniques of Textile Design
Sheila Auguste L. Hemmings From Book to Film
Kristyn Azzolina Gary Bower Broaden Your Perspective of Intermediate Accounting
Susanna Barnett David Alfano Antidepressant Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Patient-Friendly Resource
Melyssa Beaudry Robert Nelaney Marketing yourself in today's job market
Danielle Botts Rabbi Ben Lefkowitz Eleanor of Aquitaine
JoAnn Capaldi Lillian Patterson Effective Teaching Techniques for Children with Learning Disabilities and/or Behavioral Disorders
Bryan Caruolo Kathleen Beauchene Nonverbal Communication
Renee Coletta David Alfano Today's American Children: Parented or Passed By
Lisa Cordeiro Sheryl MacDougall Constitutional boundaries between federal and states' rights -- What would our founding fathers thing of the sibling rivalry?
Lisa Cordeiro Dr. Donovan Parental Liability Laws -- Legal and psychological issues in juvenile responsibility for civil actions
Hannah Crutchfield Walter Palm The Impact of Hydrogenated Oils on America
Sherianne Cunha Denise Turgeon Policies and Procedures Manual: How to Conduct Psychology Club and Psi Beta Meetings Effectively
Sherianne Cunha David Alfano Freud's Ego Defense Mechanisms
Christine D'Amore Karen Montgomery Human Bone Development
Jessica Degiacomo T. Whitfield Experiments using analog/digital interfaces
Gordon Dell Tony Basilico Weekly Diet Generator
Gordon Dell Mike Kelly and
Kay Johnson
Building a Functional JDBC Interface
Cedric Diakabana Elizabeth Fisher Chase Dark Age of the United States
Cedric Diakabana Ira Shaeffer The Contributions of Che Guevara
Kassandra Farrah Valerie LeVasseur A Case Study in Operant Conditioning
Maria Galante Maureen Abbate
and Dorcas Haller
Research Paper and Bibliography on Family
Jason Garraman Rita Turcotte Defense of Marriage Act -- How It Affected Gay Rights
Jason Garraman Prof. Angell In depth bibliography and analysis of Edgar Allen Poe
Rionda Geraldes Michael DeSimone Eminent Domain Laws
Matta Ghobreyal Prof. Williams The bad effect of E. coli in food
Matta Ghobreyal Luis Malaret AIDS: How it works and treatments for it
Matta Ghobreyal Wayne Suits Elucidate Operations of New Instrument Recently Allocated to the Chemistry Department
Bronwyn Gordon John Every Women During the American Revolution
Katherine Greene Kelly McElroy Moch Trial
Katherine Greene Michael DeSimone Eminent Domain
Lauren Gregarczyk Gerry Brousseau How Dysfunctional Families Shape a Woman's Choice of a Partner When She Is from a Chemically Dependent Home
Jacqueline Guarino Jeffrey Butterworth Mythology in Greek Plays
Jacqueline Guarino Donald Fontes Expanded comprehension of course context
William Hall Paul Reed Fire Department Budgeting Best Management Practices
Abigail Holmes Dave Alfano You may be more abnormal than you think...or maybe not: Step into cannabis dependency
Daniel Humphrey Natalie Coletta Botero
Silifat Iliasu Josephine Pino Obtaining DNA from Biological Tissue
Olufunmilayo Jenyo John Every A 100-year Comparison of American Women
Mary Johansen Salvatore (Tore) Terrasi A few good months: The calendar project
Chauncey Leahy Jean Billerbeck Experimental design, data collection, and statistical analysis in the biological sciences
Heather Lemme-Whorf Paul Archetto Enlightenment Philosophy
Heather Lemme-Whorf Ernest Jolicoeur House of Dreams
Renisa Lopes Alicia Lyon Raisin in the Sun
Renisa Lopes Douglas Pettis Death Penalty in the U.S.A.
Diana Madriaga Natalie Coletta Ancient Furniture Design Study
Diana Madriaga Lawrence Cromwell Color Project 3-D
Barbara Menard JoAnn Warren IPTV -- The end of television as we know it
Michelle Mercure Carol Panaccione Life's Lessons: From a Child's Perspective -- An Exploration of "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de St. Exupery
Michelle Mercure Steven Forleo An Exploration into the Influences of William Shakespeare
Babatunde Oladokun Lee Chartier Marketing Plan for Global Expansion of Fast Food Business
Cindy Ordonez Alex Russo The Rise and Fall of the Last Egyptian Pharaoh: Cleopatra
Steven Ortiz Carol Panaccione American influence on contemporary German music and culture
Steven Ortiz John Every The World War Two Homefront
Mary Oyekoya Prof. Trombetti Inside the Polyglot Brain
Mary Oyekoya Lewis Royal Anatomy of the Ankle
Lisa Perron Dr. Donovan The Station Fire
Lisa Perron K. McElroy Two Mock Trials as Prosecutor and Defense Attorney
Christine Petrarca M. Mansella A taste of Italian: Learning through experience
Christine Petrarca Marieanna Pape My journey through the short story
Christine Petrarca Benjamin Lefkowitz A walk through Berlin -- 1945 to the present
Cristian Potter Anthony Leone The Curt Flood Case: Challenging Baseball's Mystique
Beth Punzo Miller Robyn Younkin Healing the Body and Mind Through Writing
Shannon Reynolds Dr. Billerbeck Advanced Readings in Organismal Biology
Shannon Reynolds Susan Apshaga Investigation into relationship of pagan and goddess religions and the literary works in the Bible and Koran
Tracey Reynolds Gina Santoro Anxiety Calming Technique Book for Children Parent Guide Included
E. Katherine Rowe Lynne Andreozzi
Grandma Have to Grow Up Too!
Olga Shevchenko Kazimierz Wierzbicki American press towards the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, 2004
Olga Shevchenko Marcel Berard Proposed Fashion Show with Emphasis for Charitable Donations
Sharlena Smith Gina Santoro Children's book with three lesson plans and journal (Elijah's Blues)
Jordan Sondcrant Michael Burdon Business Writing Supplemental Portfolio
Jordan Sondcrant Jim Tull Terrorism and Morality
Thomas Stepp Barbara Van Sciver Importance of Nutrient Timing in Athletic Training
Nathan Tamba Thomas Whitfield How to help/work with a disabled (mental/physical) individual
Joan Tarter Barbara Van Sciver The Cause and Treatment of Cataracts
Elsy Turcios Ellen Silva Additional Training That Should Be Taken to Enhance and Develop Better Skills in the Workplace
Deidre Woloski Marcel Berard Generation Analysis -- A concern for all managers and leaders today
Linda Belle Yakey Valerie LeVasseur Recall and Recognition Memory Study
Marie Yattara Steve Esau Company Policy Paper

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