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Community College of Rhode Island

Fall 2004

The following projects are approved for the Fall 2004 semester:

Student Faculty Advisor Project Title
Nicole Adaes Eric Klein My home town
Nicole Adaes Kristen Garvey Critical Review of 'The King and I' theatrical performance versus 'Anna and the King' film
Greg Amend Carol Panaccione An Exploration of the Brothers Grimm - Fairy Tales in Context
Greg Amend Susan Apshaga Balkh: A journey into the history of an ancient Afghan city
Greg Amend Deb Lilli Providence's Journal
Judith Amouzou Maria Mansella New people in Italy. Who are they?
Sheila Auguste Joseph Garvey Develop an Employment Contract
Susanna Barnett Dr. Johnson Perineal anatomy of new mothers: A comparative study of mothers who receive episiotomies with those who do not
Roger Barstow Charles Lehourites The maturism of a B cell from the Pro B cell to a plasma cell (PowerPoint slide show)
Ann Benetti Val LeVasseur "Framework to Learning" for the special needs child
Deanna Bertsch Carol Panaccione Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalytic theories
Trevor Bethel J Melton Homeless problems in America
Trevor Bethel Joseph Parys Criminal law and court procedures
Elizabeth Bevilacqua Maddie Josephs The effects of proper patient preparation in the determination of a lipid profile
Elizabeth Bevilacqua Cindy Banna Common abnormalities of ITP
Laura Blasko Karen Kortz Recent missions to Mars
Rebecca Boisvert Dave Alfano The relationship between eating disorders and student athletes
Rebecca Boisvert Alicia Lyon Extended short story written analysis
Angela Bothwell Joseph Parys Biography of Hugo Black
Danielle Botts Gerald Renza Analysis of financial statements
Nicole Bouchard Michelle Connolly History of Spain through its art history
Nicole Bouchard Ira Schaeffer An examination of Hawthorne's Journals and its Relation to his Fictional Depiction of Children
Timothy Bric Steve Forleo The evolution of German film making
Timothy Bric Carol Panaccione An exploration of German film
John Buchanan Jack Owens Observing variable stars
Christina Campagnone Natalie Coletta The head of Nectanebo II
Christina Campagnone Maureen Kelman Expanded research in textile deign processing
Jo Ann Capaldi Denise Turgeon Psychological outcomes in long-term survivors of childhood leukemia
Cynthia Carrasco Prof. Renza Additional Problems in Managerial Accounting
Bonnie Carter Anthony Silva The who, what, when, where, and why of crime sketch scenes
Bonnie Carter George Lazien DUI - From crime to time
Brian Charlebois Ron Schertz Psychological Golf
Xiao Wen Chen JoAnn Warren An Analysis of competitive strategies used by two major airlines
Elizabeth Ann Cook Bruce Clark The physiological acid base balance
Kate Costa Ed McEntee  
Kerri Lynn Costa R Papagolas Straight talk: What students think about sexuality issues
Melissa Curran Joseph Parys Analysis of "The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court"
Melissa Curran Mike DeSimone The American jury system
Robin Currie Kristen Garvey Live performance versus motion picture: the impact of viewers
Christine D'Amore Jay Lee Ethical/moral vs. scientific forces which drive research
Stephanie Daniels Jack Every Early 20th century labor reform
Katrina DeAndrade Darlene Jones Their heart and yours: The comparison of human and canine EKGs
Kevin Dello Iacono Martha Sobaje The Mozart Effect
Jennifer DelSesto Stanley Bisikirski An understanding of Chinese education in the last century
Jennifer DelSesto R Hoppman Links between genetics and psychology
Kalidou Diop D. Quaranta Deciphering actual financial statements
Nicole DiVona JoAnn Fede Educational observation and lesson planning
Nicole DiVona Jim Twining Writing a work of children's literature
Ruth Fenton Jonathan Steele Credit Union - Ethics and Ideals
Susana Figueiredo Susan Apshaga Antoine de Saint Exupery: An in depth look at the man and his work
Jodie Fletcher Karen Kortz NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program
Meredyth Eryn Flynn Susie Swenson Presentation on Fanny Mendelssohn
Meredyth Eryn Flynn Steve Forleo Research project on film directors
Rionda Geraldes Robert Feinberg Was Joan of Arc more important as a religious figure or as a french nationalist
Altagracia Gonzalez Tom Whitfield Using computer interfaces for chemistry experiments
Crystall Hall Natalie Coletta Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio
Kristen Hood Carol Panaccione Shamanism in the ancient European world within the Germanic culture
Kristen Hood Susan Apshaga The Poetic Edda: The creation myth
Rebecca Howard Charles Sullivan The motion picture industry and theater: Representation of a similar storyline
Nicole Hussey Susan Brown Gifted Azorean hands
Olufunmilayo Jenyo Michael Latina The basic mathematics of signal processing
Olufunmilayo Jenyo Marieanna Pape Marriage customs of Nigeria
Khur Suid Khan JoAnn Warren The learning organization
Christine Kubacki Linda Corrente Preparedness training for disaster relief
Angie Limburg Mark Fontaine Science vs. disease: Can today's technology cure yesterday's infections
Angela Manning Joseph Parys Clarence Thomas
Sam Marshall Paul Macaruso Freudian interpretation of "The Matrix"
Natalie Mello JoAnn Warren A comparison of ethical practices: Why do some organizations stay strong and others fail
Anja McCall T J Keefe Comparison of lunar and sun calendar
Anja McCall J Dougherty Role of World Bank and IMF in assisting nations with severe economic problems
Mandy Morris D. Yordy Steroids - Gaining an edge with consequence
Zaid Muhammad Joanne Orabone Leadership skills and motivational techniques of managers
Stephanie Neves Paul LeClerc The tragedy of western religion
Susan Oakley Jack Every The lost colony
Justine Olson Jeffrey Butterworth Canvases come to life
Piper O'Sullivan Stanley Bisikirski The Hakka spirit
Mary Temitope Oyekoya Luis Malaret Antibiotic resistance in disease and ways of overcoming it
Blanca Parra Michael Kelly Application of database theory concepts
Sandra Pellegrino Gerald Ratigan Research of various contract laws
Yolene Pierre Deborah Walsh Cultures diversities - Specifics of hospital care on different countries
Virginia Porter Joseph Parys President Roosevelt and his attempt to pack the Supreme Court
Edward Raposa John Ribezzo Company Analysis
Kathleen Richardson Ryan Theroux How to better prepare and study for exams/tests
Kathleen Richardson Charles Lehourites Powerpoint demo - Grace Hopper's impact on world of computers
Sarah Roberge R.C. Macdonald Christianity and Crucifixion
Addy Sirypannko Leon Boghossian Balance sheet for domestic bank
Kirsten Slotter Carol Panaccione What works: A student perspective of learning a foreign language
Vicente Spencer Anthony Basilico Windows 2003 server file import
Reuven Soultanoglou Laurie Sherman The creation and craft of poetry
Leslie Stasko Yvonne Leonard 'The Game Board' design process - Optimal form and function
Leslie Stasko Sally Caswell Psychological effects of environmental color
Yohanna Vasquez Raymond Bruzzese Reporting of financial statements
Yohanna Vasquez Jack Dougherty Democrat's and republican's policy on macroeconomics
Laurie Vieira Ed McEntee Anorexia Nervosa
Tara Vito Karen Kortz NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunity Program
Tara Vito Deborah Notarianni-Girard Haute cuisine meets vegetarian chow
Jessica Waldeck Dave Alfano Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Megan Walser Susan Apshaga The power of oral traditions throughout the ancient world
Tami Ward Susan Davis Genetics and alcoholism: Causative factors
Tami Ward Richard Archambault ADHD: Treatments and approaches
Mary Wedlock Deb Lilli Jesus' treatment of women in the New Testament vs the early church
Robin Whitehead Heather Singleton Pappy's Bed and Breakfast of Newport, RI
Robin Whitehead Jeanne Nordquist The Westin Providence and Crowne Plaza
Micaela Zubrisky James Minuto Voter experience at the polls

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