CCRI's Hello Broadway 2015 Cast

Interviews Completed by Antonio Rodrigues & Antonio Lombardi

Principal Cast (Alphabetical by Last Name)

Collin Boggs (Baritone) 
CollinYou first performed with Hello Broadway in 2012, how do you feel your learning experience doing the show this year is different then when you last did the show? 
"I feel as though we are very productive this year. Now I'm not saying that we weren't productive 3 years ago because we were. It just seems like we are blowing through the music this year. I also feel like the choreography is a lot more challenging this year than before."

Some of Collin's goals and ambitions on and off the stage are to be the best that he can be, learn to be as good of a piano player as Dr. Kaiser one day, and finally to enjoy life and be happy wherever his pursuits take him in life.

Quincy Gilbert (Baritone) 
QuincyIf you could choose one character from any show you've portrayed, who would it be and why?  
"I don't necessarily have a specific favorite character, because each character gives me the ability to be someone different just for a moment. However my favorite song was “Go The Distance” from our 2014 production… because honestly, who doesn't want to be the hero?" 

Quincy is studying animal management at the University of Rhode Island. However, in the future he hopes to be a curator at a zoo or an aquarium collecting animal species from across the globe to study. On stage, he hopes to continue to gain confidence in his performing while still keeping a level head as he grows in skill, something that Hello Broadway has taught him. Quincy hopes that off stage he will continue to inspire people and inform people about the need for conservation of animals and the environment. 

Danielle Grilli (Soprano)
DanielleYou've worked in various genres of fully staged shows before, what is different between Hello Broadway than those other shows?   
"I've had the privilege of performing in fully staged operas, but what differs from my experience from the opera stage to my time with Hello Broadway, is the one-on-one training I have received during my five years with Hello Broadway. I've learned tremendously about how important stage presence is, along with confidence building on stage from working with one on one with the vocal coach, staging director and choreographer. Hello Broadway has truly prepared me for the future experiences I will have on stage."  

Danielle recently graduated from Rhode Island College with her B.A. Degree in Music after transferring from CCRI where she obtained her A.F.A Degree in Music. In the fall of 2015, Danielle will be pursuing her Master's Degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Rhode Island with an assistantship and scholarship. Danielle's future goal is to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. She hopes to continue to make beautiful music for the rest of her life. 

Katy Hoyt (Alto) 
KatyBeing your first year in Hello Broadway, you seem to fit right in with the cast and crew, how has this experience been for you? 
"This experience has been absolutely amazing. I am blown away by all of the hard work and talent that I've seen from everyone involved. The energy is so high and that's what I love about it! This experience has been a blessing and I am so thankful to have this opportunity to share with my friends and family!" 

In the near future, Katy sees herself working towards a Music Performance degree as well as a Psychology degree. She will then go on to become a Music Therapist. Katy is interested in working with the elderly and mentally handicapped. She is extremely eager to see what her future has in store.

Victoria "Tori" Jessop (Alto) 
ToriYou continue to showcase your many talents, not only as a vocalist but also as an instrumentalist! We might even see some of that during Hello Broadway, what made you want to be a part of this production? 
"I first heard of Hello Broadway last Summer, and have had my heart set on being a part of it ever since. Admittedly, I always am eager for a chance to perform and I've had a special place in my heart for musical theater since I was very young. I am so excited to be sharing the stage with so many wonderful, talented people."

In the near future, Victoria will be playing Magenta in CCRI's Fall  production of Rocky Horror Picture Show and finishing up her associates degree in music. In her distant future, she hopes to attend Berklee College of Music in Los Angeles where she will study as a Professional Music major for voice and percussion. Music has always been Victoria's passion. Performing wise, her ambitions include becoming an independent recording artist. Off stage, she hopes to join the peace corps for a few years after college.

Brendon Lewis (Tenor) 
BrendonWhen you joined the cast, you admitted that dancing wasn't your forte. How would you say Hello Broadway has helped with that? 
"Let's get the elephant out of the room and say that I'm not the greatest dancer in the world. Anyone who knows me would say having two left feet would be an understatement for my situation. With the help of Hello Broadway, I've taken small steps in becoming a real dancer. Hello Broadway's dance choreography rehearsals are giving me the confidence and skills I truly need. If Hello Broadway can make a dancer out of me, then folks like Margaret Hayes can make a dancer out of anyone!

Brendon Lewis' plans for the future are to receive two associate degrees at CCRI. The two degrees will be for music Concentration and Jazz Studies. After completing these degrees, Brendon will continue his education at URI. He will double major in musical performance and music education. As of now, Brendon produces small compositional scores for an independent film company he is co owner of. 

Jessi Migliozzi (Alto)
JessiYou generally describe yourself as a nervous and anxious individual, how do you manage to not let that show when you're performing on stage? 
"I try to deal with my anxiety as it comes, and rather than letting it control me in performances, I use it as a motivator. Usually, I use the different characters I play during Hello Broadway as a way to step away from my barriers and let my voice and message be heard." 

Jessi will be graduating in the Spring with her associates degree in music with a focus in voice. She is not quite sure where she plans to go once she graduates, but she hopes to pursue a future in music therapy, with some performances here and there.

Hannah Moore (Soprano) 
HannahAt one time a music major, but are now pursuing criminal justice, what keeps you coming back to the stage of Hello Broadway?
"The biggest part of it is the talented people I get to work and bond with during the five week process. We become family by the end of it. And while I want to make criminal justice a career, performing arts will always be a passion of mine." 

Hannah plans to transfer to Mitchell college in the fall as a criminology major. Her hope is to work her way up to a career in the FBI, specifically SWAT. Before settling down to start a family one day, she wants to travel and experience as many international cultures as she can.  In the realm of performing arts, Hannah would love to experiment with film, both in front of and behind the camera. While stage is where she started, film's more intimate and realistic acting technique has always appealed to her. Some of Hannah's ambitions off stage are to release an album, become a better boxer, and visit the Lord of the Rings filming grounds. 

William "Will" Moore (Baritone)
WillWhen performing you manage to really capture an audience with your stage presence, but to talk to you, you are so soft spoken. Can you explain what's going through your head when you're on stage? 
"I am an outgoing introvert, which means that I love socializing with others, but rather than talking I usually would rather listen. When interacting with an individual, my desire is to be genuine and sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. When performing on the other hand, I have the freedom and opportunity to show the audience who I am through the character I portray. It's my moment to shine through creating the most genuine and believable character I can."

William plans on transferring to Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee in the fall to pursue a Bachelor's in Music Education. He aims to teach piano, music theory, and chorus at a high school level. In addition to teaching, William would love to continue his performance in musical theater, acting, piano, and voice.  William also seeks to pursue barbershop, dance, choreography, songwriting, and music production. William is passionate about openness, sincerity, and vulnerability and views the arts as a means of translating unexplained thoughts and emotions into concrete displays of art that can be grasped and understood. One of William's goals is to reach people, especially the young, with the beauty of the arts and the joy it can provide. He feels strongly about human worth and desires to visit third world countries with music. Outside of the arts, William is enthusiastic about exploring the outdoors. Some of his bucket list ideas include flying his own prop plane, skydiving, bungee jumping, deep sea diving, visiting New Zealand, Switzerland, and outer space.

Christina Nero (Soprano) 
ChristinaYou've made your debut not only on the stage of Hello Broadway, but also within CCRI’s Music Department, how do you believe Hello Broadway will contribute to these next few years in your career?  
"My studies have revolved around classical and aria styles of music. Considering that this is my first year in Hello Broadway, I feel as though I've been thrown into a whole new world of music! Not only am I learning some great new vocal style technique; in addition, I'm acquiring skills in different styles of dance as well as expanding my experience in acting. I strongly believe that this production will further improve my confidence and performance ability in years to come. Overall, I hope to take away from Hello Broadway a broader set of skills to apply towards my future goals in performing arts!"

Christina is currently a voice major at CCRI, and is anticipating on receiving her associates degree for fine arts concentration in music next spring. In the future she plans to transfer elsewhere to continue her education. Aside from her love of music, she possesses a passion for helping others. She hopes to do a bit of both by becoming a music therapist in addition to teaching and continuing to perform. She wants to do it all! 

Antonio "Tony" Rodrigues (Tenor)
TonyYou have been in Hello Broadway since the start! How far has the production come since year one, and how have you grown and changed since then as well?
"Wow! Year one...2009...Seven years seems like ages ago.  The show since year one has just grown tremendously since year one. From just piano and drums, we now have a orchestra!  The size alone of the cast! First year we had 10 we have 2 SEPARATE CASTS! A principal of 12 and a chorus of 8 making a full cast of 20!  From hand microphones to head microphones.  From gowns and tuxes, to multiple costume changes.  The show has really set a name for itself and for the Community College of Rhode Island.  And in addition to helping the school grow, I have grown tremendously due to its success as well!  To sit here and tell you everything that this show, people like Dr. Kaiser, Margaret, and Carol have taught me.....well there isn't enough time at all.   I've learned a lot about myself and music as a whole;  the styles, the periods, the similarities and differences.  I wouldn't change anything about what we have done or learned in the last 7 years and am excited to see where it goes! If you told me in year 1 that the show would be where it is today....I would have been very hopeful...the show has grown, and will continue to grow each year and you know, I think (hope) I'll still be there every year to be a part of it! Year 7 here we come!"

Antonio is in his 7th year of Hello Broadway! The only original cast member left from season one and is excited to be back for another great season! Antonio's hobbies include piano, singing, marking up random harmonies on the spot, and making up impromptu songs about his friends.  Antonio graduated from CCRI with an associate's degree in fine arts and will be continuing on to the University of Rhode Island in the fall to study music education.  He couldn't be more proud of this year's cast of Hello Broadway!  From the bottom of his heart, Antonio would like thank his job for allowing him the time off for this project every year.  He would also like to thank the AMAZING cast and crew for their amazing effort, hard work, drive, and support! Also lastly, his mom, as a reminder everyday to fight for my dreams and to never give up!  "Love you all! Reach for the stars!"

Jessica "Jess" Still (Alto)
JessSince your first year you've always had a "bubbly air" to your personality, yet you are so dedicated and seem to have extensive knowledge of the art. What has Hello Broadway taught you? 
"I’ve learned that there is always room to improve, and that every opportunity in theater is an opportunity to learn and to further develop your talents. Through this lesson, Hello Broadway has put the professionalism and dedication to theater in perspective for me as I hope to one day perform as a professional in stage plays and musicals on Broadway itself." 

Jessica has been planning on pursuing a career in musical theater since she found her passion at nine years of age performing with Rhode Island Youth Theater. In fall of 2012, she became a part of the Community Players here at CCRI and was nominated for the Irene Adler award and competed in the ACTF, representing CCRI. Jessica now attends URI for a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology, but always comes back every summer to perform with Hello Broadway, in hopes that with the experience she gains here will help her on her way to success on Broadway in New York City. 

Broadway Chorus (Alphabetical by Last Name)

Gabrielle "Gabbie" Bloomingburg (Soprano) 
GabbieIn the last 2 years of Hello Broadway, we've seen you grow tremendously as a performer, can you owe any of that growth to Hello Broadway? If so, what about it has helped you?  
"I owe so much of my growth  to Hello Broadway! With the help of folks like Dr. Kaiser and Carol Lyon, I have been able to become a better performer and have been instilled with confidence to do my best. For this, I am really grateful!"

Gabbie plans on continue her college education at University of Rhode Island in two years! One of her major goals is to become a music educator and continue performing on stage! 

Daniel "Dan" Caramante (Tenor)
DanYou're known as someone who’s smile and laughter is contagious, but every now and then we have to get ‘serious’... how has Hello Broadway helped you balance those emotions when performing? 
"One of the most important aspects you have to recognize is that Hello Broadway is on a serious time crunch. It is okay to have fun and play, but there is a limit, you really have to pay attention and maintain a serious mindset in order make progress in a timely fashion. We only have a month to have everything down and memorized. Every day is something new, adding a new number, song, blocking, dance and it can move fast and you can get lost easily if you aren't focused. You don't want to miss out on a new learning experience, which happens every day in rehearsal. The cast has fun singing all these songs and dancing, we hope that through some of them we can make the audience laugh and dance in their seat!"

Dan looks to continue his A.F.A in Music at CCRI. He wants to continue as an educator since he loves sharing knowledge and teaching to peers and friends, and has been looking into Musicology, since History and how it affects different aspects of the world are fascinating to him. His goals include losing 50 pounds, trying stand-up comedy, and seeing the Star Wars movie on opening day this year.

Amanda Devonis (Alto) 
AmandaYou've proudly informed your peers that you are autistic.  Some would say this is a barrier; you prove this is not the case! Can you describe for us your experience during the rehearsal process and shows of what it's like personally for you to be part of this production?  
"Rehearsals are hard sometimes because I don't feel as I am nearly as good as any of my other cast mates.  With my mind it takes me longer and harder to learn the dance moves and music lyrics.  However in the end the process will be worth it.  When the show comes along I feel like a different person.  I used to think that while I was on stage I could be anyone I wanted to be instead of being myself... I mean being different.  I still feel different but when you get older it changes it gets easier.  Being on the stage and performing has gotten me out of my shell and opened new possibilities for me.  I also feel comfortable on a stage when performing or speaking.  Plus I have made amazing friends I never thought I would have.  For once I don't have to be afraid of life."

Amanda sees herself speaking to teenagers in different middle and high schools.  She wants to become an inspirational speaker to share her life story.  Topics include anti-bullying, learning disabilities, etc. Amanda's goal is to hopefully open the eyes of young people so that no more tragedies are invoked on family and friends.  Amanda knows how hard it was to grow up in this world.  However when she played the long game right everything fell into place for her.

Antonio DiPrete (Baritone) 
AntonioWhile dancing throughout rehearsals, you have a natural flow to your moves.  Do you have any dance background? If so, how has that helped you throughout Hello Broadway?
"I started dancing when I was six years old, at Dance Unlimited dance studio in West Warwick. I started with ballet and jazz, and the following year added tap. I spent 3 years at Dance Unlimited and then spent 2 years at Danceworks dance studio in Plainfield, Connecticut. I unfortunately had to stop dance when I was 10, but it always held a special place in my heart. Some of the songs I danced to while taking classes include: Children Will Listen, from Into the Woods, Singing in the Rain, from Singing in the Rain, the Legend of Zelda theme, Austin and His Babes, from the Austin Powers movies, and Pretty Young Thing, by Michael Jackson."

Antonio's immediate future includes about two more years at CCRI to get his Associates Degree in Music. The upcoming fall semester will see him returning to the stage as Dr. Frank N' Furter in CCRI's production of The Rocky Horror show, as well as being involved with the opera workshop. After CCRI, he hopes to continue his education at either the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY, or at Berklee College of Music pursuing a degree in Music Education (or, in the case of Berklee, double majoring in Music Ed. and Industry).

Rebecca Eldred (Soprano) 
RebeccaHow does the Hello Broadway experience differ from other shows you have done or ensemble groups you have been in? 
"So far I am enjoying every moment of Hello Broadway! It differs from other shows I have done by having less cast members and also less rehearsal time! It is definitely more hard work, but worth it!" 

Rebecca's future includes graduating from CCRI with her associate's degree in music. She plans on continuing for her bachelor's degree at University of North Carolina. Her goal is to remain on stage performing for as long as possible and awaits to see what is in store for her off-stage!

Koby Gartner (Baritone)
KobySo far, you've been in both the principal cast and broadway chorus of Hello Broadway.  In your opinion, what is something positive you have learned from each group and how do you apply it to yourself as a performer?
"Being in both principal and chorus casts, I've learned that no matter where you are, every member is just as important. In addition to this, you learn quickly to appreciate every moment and opportunity that is given to you, and you grow to carry a greater appreciation for the people who tie the whole production together, no matter the facet"

Koby Gartner (Baritone, Chorus) graduated from CCRI with an associates degree and is excited to be transferring to URI in the fall to pursue a degree in communications. He hopes to continue with his passion for music and performance while being open to further opportunities in the communications field. Koby is enthusiastic for what will come in the future and hopes to continue to build on his friendships along the way.

Patrick "Pat" Knight (Tenor)
PatYou went through such a dramatic weight loss in the last 2 years from when you were last in the show.  How has your experience on stage changed due to the weight loss? 
"Since the weight loss, my experience has changed markedly. I'm no longer out of breath after singing and I can move a lot better. As a result I can see myself accomplishing more on stage. Frankly, it's exciting."

Patrick's goals for the future include continuing to sing as much as possible as he works to hone his craft. He aims to break into other productions and further broaden his performing horizons. 


Brayam Renovales (Baritone)
BrayamSince making your Hello Broadway debut last year, you’ve continued in the theater department at CCRI and have won an award, what has Hello Broadway done to contribute to that? 
"Hello Broadway has taught me many soft skills that can help me through my career. The importance of punctuality and time management. Because of Hello Broadway I have progressed immensely in my vocal techniques. They helped me see a taste of what Broadway will look like and it's only the beginning." 

The future of Brayam Renovales is built around the pursuit of a 4 year degree in musical theater and the long term goal of being in Broadway. Brayam has created a master plan to meet these goals. After transferring to Rhode Island College for musical theater, he will then obtain a bachelor's degree and move in with family in New York, search for a job and start auditioning for every show he can. Brayam understands the struggle it will take, but he is willing to take it!

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